Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Davy's amazing week-end with vega

I was really pleased to see Davy again. On friday we went to a pyjama party at  Maia's house to celebrate her birthday. Davy liked her ginea pigs.

I was also exited because my cousins came visiting us for 4 days.
Saturday we went to la fête de la musique. It was great to listen some occitane music. At the park of Raymond Vl in Toulouse, my little cousin and I took our shoes out because our feet were hurting from walking.


 On Sunday we went to Saint Ferriol lake. We had  a wonderful time riding canoe and swiming. My mum brought us a pick nick. The monitors at Saint Ferriol remembered me from the trip with IST.Im looking foward to come again.

 I did not forgot to put some sun protection on Davy's skin, it was so sunny!!!

 Davy and me had great time.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Sisi and David"s holidays to our comunion

On Thursday we went to Madrid for got our costumes for our communion.

Then at Friday night we went to (Ciudad Real, Alcubillas) here is a linked for see some photos of my town (Alcubillas),-3.136683,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m5!1e2!3m3!1s4418544!2e1!3e10!4m2!3m1!1s0xd69285ec087ba65:0x50d022cfbb7b410e!6m1!1e1

Then on Sunday we made the communion they gave me some money for my communion. Then on Wednesday we had to go to the photograph to made some photos of our comunion.

And on Thursday we went to the amusement park because they gave us some money of our comunion and we went there and after we did some photographs of the comunion.

On Friday we went to Karting Carlos Sainz here are some photos,-3.727587,3a,90y,185h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sTGn_OaWjAi0xdsIu1ip1lg!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0xd4227f8fc4722c1:0xd9aac204f5ab7913!6m1!1e1

It was so awesome because there they were all the cars with a real motor and they were very fast.

After all that, we came back to Toulouse.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Bibi and Advait

As soon as we left school  we went to MC Donald and had only wedges, Bibi didn't like burgers.then we went home and Bibi  took a long rest while I read.

Displaying image.jpeg


We woke up early and went to play cricket.It was 20 min to reach I showed Bibi how to playDisplaying IMG-20140614-WA0007.jpg

I got a injury on my shoulder with the leather ball .


me and Bibi played hide and seek it was hard to find her in the dresses.

Displaying image.jpeg

Can you find her cant look harder.

here in the plants this very very very easy.

Displaying image.jpeg

then we played board games and Bibi won 3 and I won 2 she had lots of fun.

My birthday weekend with Perry


 When I got Perry, I was very happy, because I have so awesome things to do. 
 At 6pm we went to the road because there was a party. This is so we know each other. It was very awesome and funny. When it was dark we were still on the road. Me and Perry and the other children got there bikes and drove on the road at night time. The children said not to drive so fast because it was dark but Perry and me did something dangerous, it was we drove really fast and always nearly bumped in to somebody. At 1am we went of the road. We went to bed and slept.


Perry woke me up at 10am and I said why do you have to wake me up and he said: "Because I am hungry." So I woke up and made breakfast. Then I noticed that today was my birthday party. Perry helped me to put all the party things out and put the food on the table for the friends. Mum asked me if I can do with Perry the last decoration for the cake. Perry helped me pump up the balloons for the party. Know it was 3 o'clock!! My birthday will start. All my friends came to play with me. First we had cake. 
Yum Yum!! Then I opened my presents with Perry!! I got a big Star wars spaceship! 
This how it looks like:
This is the lego star wars space ship
This is the space ship

We did the activities it was awesome. For the activities we had teams. "Team Blue" and "Team White".
Then it was time for my friends to go.
This is the other team
This is my team


Today perry and me went to Play Park. We went to Play Park because it was Jesse´s & Ryan´s birthday!! Perry and me put on our clothes for the Party. We went with Davids car to the birthday party.     
It was so awesome!! We played, we laughed and we did activities just like my party. After a lot of playing we ate cake. After eating Jesse and Ryan opened their presents! Then the party was finished. I had to change my clothes into football clothes because it was my neighbors birthday party!! It was cool too!!! Then that was finished to. I came back very tired but still I read with Perry books for the reading rocks! It was fun reading with Perry. We laughed a lot!! It was sleeping time now. It was very late!


Today was the last day with Perry. I woke up and I had a delicious  breakfast with Perry. After we built my new lego spaceship. Perry and me did bracelets! Then we went to the trampoline and did front flips and stuff like that! 
Doing bracelets 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

One day we went to Toulouse. Popcorn was really good at climbing. Then we had to go so we go to past river Garone and nearly fell down in the river.
After that,  Popcorn saw a motorbike,  and he stole it and he ran away. Then he was sad so he return the motorbike.
At the end of the day, we returned home and we jumped on the trampoline.

Next day, I did my first communion.  Popcorn preferred stay in the trees of our house, climbing and jumping.
 My communion was good .we ate the cookie that was Jesus body but we couldn't drink the whine because it is for grown ups. The wine is the blood of Jesus.
Then we celebrated own communion in a restaurant and the restaurant had a swiming-pool a trampoline.It was so hot and Popcorn jumped to the swiming-pool.
we had lots of fun my family was there.

When it was night time we had to go to sleep and popcorn sleept with me.
In the morning my Grandma, my Grandpa and my uncle had to go to the airport Popcorn wanted to go to the airport but no monkeys where allowed.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Long Weekend with PERRY

Perry was extremely excited to come home with me because my week-ends might be a bit normal but I arrange fun things to do.
Day 1
The next day me and Perry did some yoga. Perry was so good at it though I soon caught him up.  Here is me doing a simple movement of Yoga:

We also played UNO game together.
Before we went to La Foir’Foille we had a nice little snack.
That afternoon we went to La Foir’Foille to buy some packets of the little rubber bands to make fancy colourful bracelets.
When we came back home, I taught Perry how to make those bracelets.
Day 2
Next day, we read so much even though it was only Friday! (2 days till Reading Rocks begins) Though at evening we played physical stuff on the Xbox. We played a sports game and a dance game so we were super tired ( and sweaty )
Day 3
We did lots of golf and I insisted Perry in a picture so people knew he knows how to play golf but he was shy.
We had our supper, it was fish with pesto sauce,  vegetable paella and homemade bread. For me it was normal because I have it maybe once 2 weeks but for Perry it was special because he always had banana meals.

 Day 4
We did a little sports morning though I didn’t participate because it was only for Perry and Teddy ( my teddy bear ), here are some photos of them:

When it was evening we went to this sort of pitch to play with my boomerang.

It was soon time to sleep and  then go back to school. Goodbye Perry!