Thursday, 12 June 2014

One day we went to Toulouse. Popcorn was really good at climbing. Then we had to go so we go to past river Garone and nearly fell down in the river.
After that,  Popcorn saw a motorbike,  and he stole it and he ran away. Then he was sad so he return the motorbike.
At the end of the day, we returned home and we jumped on the trampoline.

Next day, I did my first communion.  Popcorn preferred stay in the trees of our house, climbing and jumping.
 My communion was good .we ate the cookie that was Jesus body but we couldn't drink the whine because it is for grown ups. The wine is the blood of Jesus.
Then we celebrated own communion in a restaurant and the restaurant had a swiming-pool a trampoline.It was so hot and Popcorn jumped to the swiming-pool.
we had lots of fun my family was there.

When it was night time we had to go to sleep and popcorn sleept with me.
In the morning my Grandma, my Grandpa and my uncle had to go to the airport Popcorn wanted to go to the airport but no monkeys where allowed.


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  2. The icecream looks yummy.