Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Popcorn and Davy Haiku

They are class mascots,
Both of them are twin brothers,
They're very happy!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Popcorn's first vacation day (travel to Michigan)

Popcorn started his holidays traveling to Michigan, USA, he had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to go to Blagnac Airport. On the first plane to Paris from Toulouse (France), he slept with me, really cozy in the seat! 

After, on the plane from Paris to Detroit , Michigan (U.S.A), he saw "Despicable Me 2" on the mini TV that was on the seat in front.

Later, he met a nice flight attendant, she was really kind to him, she even asked him if he wanted a drink! Afterwards when I was sleeping he ate my ice-cream.

When the airplane was going to land, we were really exited.

We arrived to my house and I called my cousin Nicholas and we began to play all day long.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas with davy

After the last day of school I was really happy
 to have Davy with me. After friday it was Saturday
christmas was getting nearer. On the 24th of
December we went to the marche de Noel in place
du Capitol, in the middle of the marche de Noel
was a big Santa Claus, my mum took me a picture in
front of Santa.

After walking a bit longer we met two giant elves.

After, we went to the theatre of Toulouse and saw the
opera for children of  Hansel and Gretel we had so much fun!!!

But there is much more fun waiting for us in Berlin!!!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Bibi's exciting weekend

Bibi was so excited that in the car she was hanging everywhere in the roof.
Next in the sport room Bibi jumped so high that the net ate her!

Finally a ball saved Bibi's life. Thank you ball! Bye bye ball!
 Then Bibi and me and my brother were playing ping/pong.

We were all tired after all that sport. My sister was reading a good night book to Bibi.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Davy and the weekend with Vega

After school I went to Pablo's house.
We had snack time and when Davy saw a banana he called Popcorn by telephone.

Saturday I went to a basketball party and I went to buy a present at the shop.
We had to give presents so I gave one.
But it was to a mysterious person.

Saturday night my parents went to a dinner at friends house so I stayed at home with a babysitter.
The movie that I watched was a film that I had never seen and my friends told me it was good.
Davy was happy with me and we had lots of fun.

Sunday  me and other children went to la Ramée. Our mothers cooked a big paella. My family and I went bicycle riding.

Sunday night Davy helped me with my homework. He is very clever.

I had a nice weekend with Davy.

A Mimi and Popcorn Weekend!

I'm soooo excited to have Popcorn for the weekend!
Today, I'm going to have him! When I got chosen, I was over the moon!
That's only a quarter of my toys (and my sister's)!!!
Friday 13 December
As soon as I got home, I introduced Popcorn to some my toys (and my sister's toys as well!) and I think they became good friends! That's quite a lot, isn't there! He was really happy to meet them.

Saturday 14 December
When I woke up Popcorn was jumping on me. He pulled me and headed straight for the bathroom where I brush my teeth. I now was awake and I stumble-ran, but Popcorn was ahead of me. When I arrived he was brushing his teeth with my toothbrush! So I had to brush my teeth with monkey slobber on it.
Naughty Monkey Slobbers Toothbrush!
We ate breakfast after we had an argument about whose toothbrush it was (MINE!). Popcorn drank all of MY hot chocolate so I had to eat raw sausages and bread!

Next I wanted to play Sims on my iPad so Popcorn followed me. I updated it so my Sims can interact with Santa Claus and Rudolph!

After that, we had to open these shutter thingies made out of wood. Popcorn kept attacking it (them?) with the wooden thingy that he holds on to!

Later, Popcorn wrote a Haiku! I was really pleased! This is what it said :

Mimi has me for
The weekend and it's gonna
Be totally fun!

In the afternoon we had Cordon Bleu and Popcorn wanted some but my mum wouldn't let him and she gave him cucumbers instead.

After lunch, we watched Despicable Me 2. Popcorn watched silently through the movie. I guess he really enjoyed it!

After watching the movie, Popcorn wanted to play fight with some of my toys! He asked my who is in the same rank as him so I chose someone and when he thought that she was easy she beat him up! But he's all right, he just had a shock!

Popcorn had lots of gifts!
Right after he recovered, we wanted to dress up!
Popcorn dressed up as :

Hollywood Actress
He even dressed up as a BABY!
Sunday 15 December
After we had breakfast, played a bit with the toys and iPad, had lunch and mum had a nap, we made brownies! Popcorn wanted to help but my mum said he had to be very careful.

Making brownies was fun, but we were even happier when our dad came back! He was away in Angola because he had important things to do there and we haven't seen him for more than a week. Popcorn was overjoyed to meet him!

At the same time, I lost my tooth!

It was AWESOME having Popcorn, I hope he visits again soon!

Having skiing Fun with Sisi at Pas de la Case

On Saturday Sisi decided to come to ski with dad and me in Andorra.

We thought he would be warm enough with all his fur. However dad decided to leave him on the bus just in case his fingers and toes got cold, as he has no socks or gloves.
Anyway he had other ideas and while we were not looking he jumped in the front pockit of dad's rucksack.

Imagine my surprise when a monkey appeared on my shoulder half way down the piste!

To keep warm he leapt around and jumped from my shoulder to my head, generally being quite naughty.

Sisi thought he saw a spaceship sticking out of the snow.
He asked if there are any chips on Mars I told him we can go to an earth café even if it was half way up a mountain !

Sisi and I shared lunch, including chips. I even let dad have a few.
I went fast down the pistes and I loved it. Sisi and I skied all day, except for when it was lunchtime, down about four or five mountains and we didn't even fall over once!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Bibi is having great time

I think Bibi is having great fun in all those families and new places and houses and all sorts of things.
But if you could do a post pleasssssss I would be really happy and the same with our new monkey Sisi.
(Sisi is Clara's monkey)  

Bibi and Rozenn

This is us on the way to the Tournefeuille market. It was very cold. I can't believe Bibi is wearing a
dress in this weather!

This is me and Bibi about to buy some ham but in the end we decided not to.

Can you spot Bibi?

This is me and Bibi eating rice pudding that my mum baked.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Poor Davy

Davy came home with me this weekend as he was injured and in need of immediate medical attention; Poor Davy. His neck was broken!
He was very happy to meet Eva, my dog. She’s a very gentle and kind dog and I knew she would look after Davy and be his friend for the weekend to cheer him up.
He put on a very brave face when he knew that it was time to be mended! I don’t think anyone likes needles!
I carefully wrapped his neck up after the operation and he was treated with lots of chocolates, he loves Toblerone, especially the white chocolate variety.
Davy wrote a Haiku:
After eating all the chocolates Davy curled up with Eva on the sofa to watch a film.
He’s really looking forward to getting back to school tomorrow.

Having fun with Alicia

On Friday afternoon it was Saint Nicholas's Day. Popcorn was very happy because we had some chocolate. It looked like Popcorn liked black chocolate (he could not have milk chocolate because I’m allergic to milk!) After that Popcorn wanted to watch Monster Inc, so we did. He loved it, so did my sister (Isabelle), it was very funny! Then we had to go to bed but Popcorn didn't want to go because my kitten (Ginger) was going to come and hurt him, but he didn't (PHEW!)

The next day we went to the Christmas Fair, it was awesome as we saw lots of friends. They were: Cristina & Irene & Mimi & Rozenn & Matias & Jacques & Penny and Pablo.  Popcorn was very happy because he saw all of these friends. We had some scrumptious hot dogs and some delicious cakes, I loved them they were perfect for me! Pablo liked seeing Popcorn so did Cristina. Popcorn liked the mini Christmas tree, but  he was sad when we had to go, so was I!

On Sunday Popcorn wanted to play the piano, he was quite good actually! He did not want to get off it because he liked it so much! But he did have to get off it later! I loved having Popcorn at my house, he was nice as usual and we were lucky to have good weather for the Christmas fair because some people were outside quite a long time!