Sunday, 8 December 2013

Having fun with Alicia

On Friday afternoon it was Saint Nicholas's Day. Popcorn was very happy because we had some chocolate. It looked like Popcorn liked black chocolate (he could not have milk chocolate because I’m allergic to milk!) After that Popcorn wanted to watch Monster Inc, so we did. He loved it, so did my sister (Isabelle), it was very funny! Then we had to go to bed but Popcorn didn't want to go because my kitten (Ginger) was going to come and hurt him, but he didn't (PHEW!)

The next day we went to the Christmas Fair, it was awesome as we saw lots of friends. They were: Cristina & Irene & Mimi & Rozenn & Matias & Jacques & Penny and Pablo.  Popcorn was very happy because he saw all of these friends. We had some scrumptious hot dogs and some delicious cakes, I loved them they were perfect for me! Pablo liked seeing Popcorn so did Cristina. Popcorn liked the mini Christmas tree, but  he was sad when we had to go, so was I!

On Sunday Popcorn wanted to play the piano, he was quite good actually! He did not want to get off it because he liked it so much! But he did have to get off it later! I loved having Popcorn at my house, he was nice as usual and we were lucky to have good weather for the Christmas fair because some people were outside quite a long time!  


  1. So, both brothers ate chocolate this weekend. I guess it's that time of year!

    It sounds like Popcorn had a really great weekend with you Alicia. Will he be OK to come back into class?

  2. It's funny that Popcorn loves Dark chocolate and his twin Davy loves white!

  3. I love the picture of you and Popcorn at the Christmas fair, you both look really happy