Sunday, 15 December 2013

Davy and the weekend with Vega

After school I went to Pablo's house.
We had snack time and when Davy saw a banana he called Popcorn by telephone.

Saturday I went to a basketball party and I went to buy a present at the shop.
We had to give presents so I gave one.
But it was to a mysterious person.

Saturday night my parents went to a dinner at friends house so I stayed at home with a babysitter.
The movie that I watched was a film that I had never seen and my friends told me it was good.
Davy was happy with me and we had lots of fun.

Sunday  me and other children went to la Ramée. Our mothers cooked a big paella. My family and I went bicycle riding.

Sunday night Davy helped me with my homework. He is very clever.

I had a nice weekend with Davy.


  1. It looks like you had a great time together. I hope Davy wasn't on the telephone too long and that he didn't chat too much when you were trying to concentrate on your reading log comment.

  2. Looks like your basketball team is really BIG my basket ball team is a bit smaller.

  3. I think that you had a great weekend with davy, vega

  4. I am sure Davy liked the movie charlie and the chocolate factory