Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas with davy

After the last day of school I was really happy
 to have Davy with me. After friday it was Saturday
christmas was getting nearer. On the 24th of
December we went to the marche de Noel in place
du Capitol, in the middle of the marche de Noel
was a big Santa Claus, my mum took me a picture in
front of Santa.

After walking a bit longer we met two giant elves.

After, we went to the theatre of Toulouse and saw the
opera for children of  Hansel and Gretel we had so much fun!!!

But there is much more fun waiting for us in Berlin!!!


  1. Those are very tall people in Place Capitole!

    I hope you and Davy are having a great time in Berlin too!

  2. Hope you and Davy had great time.Christmas day happens to be my birthday as well and I spend it with Arthur and robots at Futuroscope.

  3. I have never been to Berlin Irene could you take me there?

  4. So, how was Berlin? You always get to do so many fantastic things. I'm glad you enjoyed the theatre. I hope you enjoy the Pantomime just as much (if not more)!!