Sunday, 1 December 2013

P & P (Penelope and Popcorn)

When Popcorn and  I got home we played dress up in my mum's clothes. ( This is what Popcorn and I  wore .)   .  My sister  dressed up too.
We had lots of fun. We did a fashion show for mum.  Then we had a disco!
Popcorn made lots friends...


... these are Popcorns friends.  These are their names: Bunny, Elle, Lucky, Rhino and Carcassone !
And there is one blown up toy that my sister made.
 Anyway Popcorn had lots of fun and so did I.
On Saturday we went to the Christmas market and I got some earrings and French fries.
( I knew millions of  people).

On  Sunday night we are going to go to thanksgiving at our friends house.  I can't wait!!!!


  1. Dressing up is great fun! I hope you kept warm at the Christmas market. Get well soon, as Year 4 and Popcorn are missing you.