Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Diary of a Wimpy Weekend (or maybe not so wimpy...)

On Saturday, I went horse riding and there is a video that Popcorn took. The horse that I was riding was called Faquir, and during the lesson he went to the toilet several times ... and the teacher called Romain was getting quite cross with it. Popcorn enjoyed seeing me on a horse, but didn't fancy having a go himself.

On Sunday we went on a day out to Corde sur Ciel, which is a reaaly old town on a hill.Here is a map of the town at the bottom of the hill. Popcorn wanted to climb up, but it was just a map.

While we were going up the hill, Popcorn was having some fun and hanging from everything he could hang on to and swing from. Here is a picture of Popcorn swinging around, he tried to get from one side of the steep street to the other !

When we were at the top of the mountain we used a telescope to admire the beautiful view. Popcorn wanted to look through the scope as well. We saw a long way away and a lot of things, including an ice cream shop at the bottom, and we went there. I had a vanilla and strawberry ice cream - I loved it. Popcorn tasted it too.

On the way back, we visited a vineyard, which is a place where they make lots of wine, and where people come and buy it. We bought a box of bottles of wine and a bottle of fizzy wine, and some local honey; we gave one bottle to a friend of ours on the way home. This photo shows the vine with grapes growing. The grapes are pressed to make juice.

The grape juice is fermented in these enormous tanks and made into wine. The wine is stored in the 'chai'. This is an old word in french that means wine cellar. Popcorn hopped up to read it - we say 'shay'.

Of course we had to taste the wine, and Popcorn tasted it too. This is called Dégustation. This is the proprietaire whose family have lived at this chateau for hundreds of years. In fact since the 17th century !!

Bibis awesome weekend with Luis

Playing UNO
This weekend Bibi came to my house. I was so excited!! Strate  away she met my friend called monkey! They had lots of fun playing together
UNO. What a FUN!

After that it was dinner time. We had an delicious barbecue. It was very nice. Then we tidied the table and got some chips and sat on the sofa. We watched a film called "Das Hundehotel" in English the dog hotel. It was funny to hear it in German for Bibi. I told her the story in English. The film was awesome!!!
This is a picture eating Dinner

On the trampoline

On Saturday we went to the Trampoline, before we went to a friends house to watch the Final of the Champions League. We had lots of fun on the trampoline!

Now it was time to go.

We watched the match. I was a bit sad when it came to the last minute because Real Madrid was losing 1:0! But in the last second, Sergio Ramos scored a goal for Real Madrid; 1:1!!! What an amazing goal he scored. Real Madrid was back. Real Madrid won the Champions cup!!! 4:1!!!!
This is the cup they won

On Sunday it was my Karate fight! BiBi was very excited and she wanted to do a fight but I said you are not on the list. I needed to wait five hours until it was my go!!! It was full of Karate children and Bibi had screamed that we lost her!! There where 22 boys in my category!!!!

I hope I get Bibi soon. We had so much fun!!

Sunday, 25 May 2014


Perry came home for the weekend.

My father went to Mexico last week and brough some presents.

I have now an aztec calendar.

I still don't know how to use it, but I think I've found the hollidays.

This is Cuauhtémoc, the last Aztec ruler. His name means "One That Has Descended Like an Eagle",

And this craft was found in the Teotihuacan Pyramids. Is a symbol of the moon.

Yesterday was the Champions League Final.

Real Madrid was playing Atletico de Madrid in Lisbon.
We all dressed up to support Real Madrid.

Even Lola put on her T-Shirt.

That was a great game! Both teams played well, but Real finally won.


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Popcorn's Awesome holiday

First day (afternoon)!

I was SO excited because of two things, first I had Popcorn, and second tomorrow we were going to my grandparents house (Popcorn was excited too)!

Second day
The next morning we went to the airport!
this is me and my sister in the Toulouse airport

After a while we entered the plane. It was really exciting!!
Then we arrived at Madrid. (Finally!)
 When we arrived home I showed Popcorn to everybody! Then we ate. After eating my aunt showed me how to do bracelets! It was really cool!
Me doing bracelets with Popcorn

                                                                           after 2 days

After 2 days we ate spaghetti (it was yummy mmmmmmmm!)

Then we went to the countryside It was sooo cooool!
Me with Popcorn!
Eating fruit!!
Popcorn liked the tree
The next day we went to the countryside again!
He loved the grass

He loved his new boat

The next day we celebrated my sisters birthday.
Me and my sister
The next day my mum and dad went to Istanbul. And we stayed in my grandparents house! We went to the park and things like that!

But after a few days we went to Hervás. It was so awesome! 
Popcorn loved the doll... 
and the fowers...  
And my grandmas collection of magnets... 
And the fountain in the park.
 The next day we needed to go.  :-(                           
We arrived home at 1 o'clock in the morning!
The next day they gave as presents!

this was one of the presents

And the next day it was the best day of my life... 
First: It was my sisters birthday!
Second: We were going to eat Sushi and noodles!
Third: We bought a real hamster!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sisi's awsome holidays

The first day Sisi met my cat Romi but his real name is Rominet first he smelled her then looked at her but I didn't think he liked her.

He saw something but I didn't know what it was but he was scared of something so he went and Sisi felt lonely.

Then Sisi went to climb a tree that is not very high but I told her that I couldn't climb so she was upset "but I'm not a monkey."I said.

Sisi went to the windows I asked her why and she just wanted so I said ok but  I didn't understand anything so we went somewhere else.

Sisi wanted to do a photo shoot so we did it she did it with me and my brother she liked the until the end and  it was very but very funny.


My brother really like doing it and he told Sisi a secret it was that if could do it everyday it will  be so but so cool Sisi liked being in my brothers arm.

Sisi didn't want to be in the photo so she moved a little bit and didn't move after because she thought we couldn't see her.

Sisi was tired so we sat down on a little wall or bunch I don't really know what it is but it's quite comfortable.

Sisi really like the flowers and sat in it to do a beautiful background she smelled the flowers and said that it smell very good.

Sisi did some more exercise on the white thing but she wanted to do exercise and have it in a photo because she wanted to show that she is strong. 

Sisi went in the cat house it's where he sleeps and he is very comfortable because it a bit like he house.

Sisi wanted to touch my cat I went because she was a bit scared of the cat once that she did it she said that he was kind and that he had lots of hairs.

My cat really like going everywhere with his body I don't know why he is doing that but he like it.

This is another picture of him stretching.

Can you spot Sisi in my room that is messy.

Sisi toked a bath in the sink she wanted to take and it 12:30.

I was about to take her off.When she disappeared.I was looking everywhere because I didn't to get told of by Mr Gregg.

Can you spot Sisi I can but try yourself.

So we toked a picture quickly.