Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bibis awesome weekend with Luis

Playing UNO
This weekend Bibi came to my house. I was so excited!! Strate  away she met my friend called monkey! They had lots of fun playing together
UNO. What a FUN!

After that it was dinner time. We had an delicious barbecue. It was very nice. Then we tidied the table and got some chips and sat on the sofa. We watched a film called "Das Hundehotel" in English the dog hotel. It was funny to hear it in German for Bibi. I told her the story in English. The film was awesome!!!
This is a picture eating Dinner

On the trampoline

On Saturday we went to the Trampoline, before we went to a friends house to watch the Final of the Champions League. We had lots of fun on the trampoline!

Now it was time to go.

We watched the match. I was a bit sad when it came to the last minute because Real Madrid was losing 1:0! But in the last second, Sergio Ramos scored a goal for Real Madrid; 1:1!!! What an amazing goal he scored. Real Madrid was back. Real Madrid won the Champions cup!!! 4:1!!!!
This is the cup they won

On Sunday it was my Karate fight! BiBi was very excited and she wanted to do a fight but I said you are not on the list. I needed to wait five hours until it was my go!!! It was full of Karate children and Bibi had screamed that we lost her!! There where 22 boys in my category!!!!

I hope I get Bibi soon. We had so much fun!!


  1. Great post Luis. Did you find Bibi?

  2. Brilliant entry Luis, I really enjoyed reading it. Great 'action shot' of your karate fight - you look very professional!

  3. YOU FIGHT SO AWESOME !!!!! I like your post its the best.