Monday, 5 May 2014

Bibi & Me In Chweiss (Switzerland) Day 2

Bibi & I woke up from bed. Today I was so excited, but wait and read.  We went to a town called Gruyeres, a medieval town. The town is like Carcassone, it is a castle.

In the town, Bibi spotted an alien resto! I went in and sat on one of the chairs with her.

After our visit, we went to a restaurant, but wait… Did I tell you that in Gruyeres they make CHEESE!
It is the Gruyeres cheese. In the resto, it really smelled Gruyeres cheese! I don't like cheese by the way!
In the resto, I had chicken & chips because that was one of the only things that didn't have cheese.
Bibi loved the smell of it!  

We went back to the car to go to the cheese factory of Gruyeres. This time it really really smelled cheese. Bibi also disliked the smell!
Look at how they make the cheese!


I found some instructions of how to make cheese. This is only one part.

After Gruyeres, even more exciting… We went to the Nestle - Cailler chocolate factory! (Maison Cailler). It was really cool and it was all crowded! It was in the village of Broc. My parents had already been in there, but they made it better. There was a chocolate shop and Bibi wanted to go directly to the chocolates!

We went on a how they make chocolate tour. It was fun. They showed cocoa bean trees and everything!

To finish our second day, I bought chocolates for the class and the teachers, because I want to do a Swiss chocolate degustation! Bibi loved that idea!


  1. Yay! Pablo and Bibi and The Chocolate Factory!

    The idea of Chocolate Tasting is something to look forward to!

  2. I have 4 sorts of yummy chocolate to share with the class and a little surprise for you and Mrs, Whittaker. Hope you enjoyed your holiday!