Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Popcorn's Awesome holiday

First day (afternoon)!

I was SO excited because of two things, first I had Popcorn, and second tomorrow we were going to my grandparents house (Popcorn was excited too)!

Second day
The next morning we went to the airport!
this is me and my sister in the Toulouse airport

After a while we entered the plane. It was really exciting!!
Then we arrived at Madrid. (Finally!)
 When we arrived home I showed Popcorn to everybody! Then we ate. After eating my aunt showed me how to do bracelets! It was really cool!
Me doing bracelets with Popcorn

                                                                           after 2 days

After 2 days we ate spaghetti (it was yummy mmmmmmmm!)

Then we went to the countryside It was sooo cooool!
Me with Popcorn!
Eating fruit!!
Popcorn liked the tree
The next day we went to the countryside again!
He loved the grass

He loved his new boat

The next day we celebrated my sisters birthday.
Me and my sister
The next day my mum and dad went to Istanbul. And we stayed in my grandparents house! We went to the park and things like that!

But after a few days we went to Hervás. It was so awesome! 
Popcorn loved the doll... 
and the fowers...  
And my grandmas collection of magnets... 
And the fountain in the park.
 The next day we needed to go.  :-(                           
We arrived home at 1 o'clock in the morning!
The next day they gave as presents!

this was one of the presents

And the next day it was the best day of my life... 
First: It was my sisters birthday!
Second: We were going to eat Sushi and noodles!
Third: We bought a real hamster!


  1. Wow, Claudia! You have documented that holiday really well!

    Is that the countryside near Madrid? It looks beautiful!
    I like the presents - are they from Istanbul?
    And it looks like your grandma has been to London?

  2. What a super collection of photographs. I feel like I was on holiday with you. I love your Turkish outfits too - amazing colours, you both look very pretty.

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  4. Yes it is in plasencia 2 houres from Madrid,
    Yes the presents are Istanbul,
    yes my grandma has been in lots of places and one of them was london (she went two times or three)!
    Thank you Mr Gregg

  5. Plasencia... ah I see it! I think we went past it on the way back from Merida when we were last in Spain.

    Your grandma travels a lot!