Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Diary of a Wimpy Weekend (or maybe not so wimpy...)

On Saturday, I went horse riding and there is a video that Popcorn took. The horse that I was riding was called Faquir, and during the lesson he went to the toilet several times ... and the teacher called Romain was getting quite cross with it. Popcorn enjoyed seeing me on a horse, but didn't fancy having a go himself.

On Sunday we went on a day out to Corde sur Ciel, which is a reaaly old town on a hill.Here is a map of the town at the bottom of the hill. Popcorn wanted to climb up, but it was just a map.

While we were going up the hill, Popcorn was having some fun and hanging from everything he could hang on to and swing from. Here is a picture of Popcorn swinging around, he tried to get from one side of the steep street to the other !

When we were at the top of the mountain we used a telescope to admire the beautiful view. Popcorn wanted to look through the scope as well. We saw a long way away and a lot of things, including an ice cream shop at the bottom, and we went there. I had a vanilla and strawberry ice cream - I loved it. Popcorn tasted it too.

On the way back, we visited a vineyard, which is a place where they make lots of wine, and where people come and buy it. We bought a box of bottles of wine and a bottle of fizzy wine, and some local honey; we gave one bottle to a friend of ours on the way home. This photo shows the vine with grapes growing. The grapes are pressed to make juice.

The grape juice is fermented in these enormous tanks and made into wine. The wine is stored in the 'chai'. This is an old word in french that means wine cellar. Popcorn hopped up to read it - we say 'shay'.

Of course we had to taste the wine, and Popcorn tasted it too. This is called Dégustation. This is the proprietaire whose family have lived at this chateau for hundreds of years. In fact since the 17th century !!


  1. Great! You really gave Popcorn an exciting weekend, what with all that travelling, swinging and wine drinking! I hope it didn't go to his head!

  2. I went to Cordes sur Ciel too, on the 30 of May 2014. I also went to look through the same telescope I think. Great post Tobias!

  3. I love visiting vineyards too! It's so interesting to see how we make wine from grapes....and I can't believe that Popcorn tasted the wine, what a cheeky monkey!