Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sisi's awsome holidays

The first day Sisi met my cat Romi but his real name is Rominet first he smelled her then looked at her but I didn't think he liked her.

He saw something but I didn't know what it was but he was scared of something so he went and Sisi felt lonely.

Then Sisi went to climb a tree that is not very high but I told her that I couldn't climb so she was upset "but I'm not a monkey."I said.

Sisi went to the windows I asked her why and she just wanted so I said ok but  I didn't understand anything so we went somewhere else.

Sisi wanted to do a photo shoot so we did it she did it with me and my brother she liked the until the end and  it was very but very funny.


My brother really like doing it and he told Sisi a secret it was that if could do it everyday it will  be so but so cool Sisi liked being in my brothers arm.

Sisi didn't want to be in the photo so she moved a little bit and didn't move after because she thought we couldn't see her.

Sisi was tired so we sat down on a little wall or bunch I don't really know what it is but it's quite comfortable.

Sisi really like the flowers and sat in it to do a beautiful background she smelled the flowers and said that it smell very good.

Sisi did some more exercise on the white thing but she wanted to do exercise and have it in a photo because she wanted to show that she is strong. 

Sisi went in the cat house it's where he sleeps and he is very comfortable because it a bit like he house.

Sisi wanted to touch my cat I went because she was a bit scared of the cat once that she did it she said that he was kind and that he had lots of hairs.

My cat really like going everywhere with his body I don't know why he is doing that but he like it.

This is another picture of him stretching.

Can you spot Sisi in my room that is messy.

Sisi toked a bath in the sink she wanted to take and it 12:30.

I was about to take her off.When she disappeared.I was looking everywhere because I didn't to get told of by Mr Gregg.

Can you spot Sisi I can but try yourself.

So we toked a picture quickly.

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