Friday, 31 January 2014

Sisi with Maia and Vega

Sisi has done a poem for me and I've done one for her:


I like your cuddly friends
They are my friends too
I like you too ♡♥♡
And your family too★


You've SO cuddly ★
Like my lovely cuddliness
Hope you'll never
Forget me ever ♡♥♡

Do you like our poems?
Sisi went to the T.M.P with me. (⊙o⊙)♬

Sisi and I saw Mrs.Baldwin in it!
But before that Sisi and I did a disco !
We danced to a bit of Mika. We had great doing a disco. It was very funny because we did some silly moves some times. -_-!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Amazing Weekend with Perry

Last weekend, Perry came to visit, and this is what we did.

Day 1

After we got home from school, I gave Perry a tour of my bedroom and I introduced him to my dogs.
We got ready and went out to the Crocodile restaurant for my Dad's birthday.
Perry had a great time. He started with doing some colouring in and

he really liked my special drink, coke and orangina mixed, He was running about all over the restaurant with me after that!

Day 2 

We had to be up early to go horse-riding. The horse's name was Iloe ! Perry tried sitting on him but looked a bit scared.

After that I went to the panto. Mrs. Baldwin was the silly jester! It was really good. In the interval Perry looked at all the pantos that have been done. Mrs Baldwin's been in loads of them!

Day 3

Today we stayed at home and watched a film, and after that me and Perry were playing lots of games.
Perry had to have an operation though, to mend the hole on his back. Mum stitched him up and he was all better after that! 



Sunday, 26 January 2014

Rozenn and Popcorn's fabulous weekend

This is Popcorn and Newton. They are happy to see each other. They make really good animal friends.

This is me and Popcorn having hot chocolate.  We had marshmallows too!

This is Popcorn and me at my piano lesson on Saturday morning.  He can jump around on the notes quite a lot!

The Best Weekend with Davy ever!

This weekend Davy came to visit me and my family and this is our story.

(Day one)

When we came home from school on Friday. "Davy. Meet my dog Ruby."

I was really excited, Davy asked me why and I said because my sister was coming tonight and I haven't seen her for ages, then Davy got all excited and I told him to calm down because we had to go swimming first so we went.

After swimming we got a photo with one of my coaches.

Then after that we went to the airport for what? Can anyone guess?

To pick up my sister!
When we got to the airport Davy tried to spot my sister but unfortunately he didn't because he was a bit to small. Then we saw my sister! Here is a photo of me and my sister.

(Day two)
The next day we all went to the Pyrenees Mountains. It was so scary! It looked like we were going to fall into nothingness but luckily we didn't. When we finally found a big space to park we had a photo.
Then when we were going home we found a river, a rushing river. Here is another photo of me and Davy.
 Then we got back in the car to carry on the journey. Davy asked when we were finally going home and I said soon, in about an hour and a half.
 But in the car Davy got bored so he decided to do some pull ups, it was so funny!
 When we got home Davy was so tired after doing all of the pull ups.
That night we went to a Chinese Restaurant called The Wok 31 but Davy was to tired so he decided to stay home with Bibi's long lost twin Baba.

(Day three)
When we went out for the day to take my sister back to the airport, Davy decided to stay at home again and watch telly with Baba. Here is a photo of them cuddling on the sofa watching the telly.
Before we took my sister to the airport we went to a park in Blagnac it is next to the Wok 31. It was fun.  
   Then we went to the airport to drop my sister off - now that bit was sad.

Then we went home. I feel lonely!
That's the end of me and Davy's busy weekend I hope he can come and stay soon!
The End.

Bibi gets out of the house

Things started to look up on Saturday afternoon. Bibi got to go out running with Mr Gregg in the Forêt de Bouconne. 

It was so wet and rainy that Bibi decided not to run in her dress. She enjoyed the running, but best of all was stopping to climb on the exercise things:

When we got home we had to sit by the fire to dry off.

It was at that point that Bibi met Tisha, the cat. They didn't really hit it off straight away.

Then - more good news - Sam went climbing at Altisisimo - and took Bibi too. She was really in her element:

Sunday had to be a quieter day after all that climbing on Saturday. Bibi stayed in and relaxed. The good thing is that she and Tisha made friends.

Tisha even let Bibi relax with her on the sofa:

Saturday, 25 January 2014

A rainy start to the weekend for Bibi

It was a wet wet Friday. When Bibi left IST she was wondering whether she would get outdoors at all this weekend.

First of all we took Sam off to his gymnastics in Colomiers:

She was a bit disappointed that she couldn't go in with Sam and do some swinging on the high bars and rings.

Saturday morning was not much better. The grown-ups were having coffee, and she had to sit still and make polite conversation.

She's hoping that there'll be some chance for a bit of monkeying around before the weekend is out...

Monday, 20 January 2014

Clara's blog post

Clara hasn't got Internet at the moment, so here's her blog post, with pen and paper -

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bibi chez Miss Whittaker

Bibi came home to stay with me this weekend, Davy had told her all about Eva and she was really excited about meeting her.
Eva was also pleased to meet Bibi, she loves making new friends. I did have to tell Eva that Bibi lives at IST with the Year 4 children, just in case she decided that she wanted to keep her! She already has a duck, hedgehog, and a sheep with angel wings which all have squeaky bellies, but she does not have a monkey. 

They really enjoyed snuggling up in front of the fire together on Friday night.

We had a dinner party on Saturday night. Bibi decided that she wanted to share my vegetarian meal. Monkeys do generally have a diet of fruit and they love insects! But there were no insects being served at our dinner party, so Bibi shared my cheese stuffed polenta and loved it. The Year 4 monkeys do love chocolate though!

Later on we went into the games room to play pool. Bibi had never played pool so she had a lot of fun learning and joining in.
On Sunday we decided to take Bibi to our local pig farm, it’s one of Eva’s favourite places to walk.  Eva’s parents were working farm dogs from the Pyrénéés-Atlantiques; they rounded up cattle (Bovine). She was born in a muddy barn, so she feels very at home outside in the fields and couldn’t wait to show Bibi the pigs.
Eva loves getting really muddy.
I think Bibi likes the pigs!

Bibi is now tucked up in bed fast asleep, it was a long sunday walk and a late night on Saturday! So she needs her beauty sleep. She’s looking forward to getting back to school tomorrow to tell the other monkeys all about her week end.
Bonne nuit Bibi.

The Best Weekend for Davy

This is me,  Gustvo and Davy playing to the
x box.

This is my little sister and Davy relaxing.

This is me and my little sister playing with

This was Davy's bed.
This is my fish and Davy.

My awesome week-end with Perry

 Perry visited me & my family this week-end and this is our story together !

On Friday night we all went out in the dark to drop my brother Josh off at Scouts at 7pm (an adventure group) and then we had to pick him up again at 9pm, it was super dark.

On Saturday morning we had to be up very early because I have a piano lesson at 9.15am, even though Perry was tired she came with me and had a lesson too !!!

My piano teacher said that Perry was very good, and can come back again.

After that we went to Decathlon to look at the sledges because we are going to go up into the Mountains next week-end to go skiing and sledging. 

Perry was not too interseted in going to play in the snow as she thought it would be very cold and her fur would get wet.   

On Sunday we went to the Market in Cornebarrieu to get some fruit and vegetables. Perry came with us and she had a really long ride on my scooter.

It was the best way to go to the Market ever !!!


On the way back to the car, as a special treat we took Perry to the climbing dome. She climbed up very high and I was too frightened to follow her, but my brother Josh did and brought her down again.

I think she felt very at home and happy on the climbing dome.

That was my really great fun weekend with Perry, I really hope she can come and stay again with us soon as she is a lot of fun :-)