Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Best Weekend with Davy ever!

This weekend Davy came to visit me and my family and this is our story.

(Day one)

When we came home from school on Friday. "Davy. Meet my dog Ruby."

I was really excited, Davy asked me why and I said because my sister was coming tonight and I haven't seen her for ages, then Davy got all excited and I told him to calm down because we had to go swimming first so we went.

After swimming we got a photo with one of my coaches.

Then after that we went to the airport for what? Can anyone guess?

To pick up my sister!
When we got to the airport Davy tried to spot my sister but unfortunately he didn't because he was a bit to small. Then we saw my sister! Here is a photo of me and my sister.

(Day two)
The next day we all went to the Pyrenees Mountains. It was so scary! It looked like we were going to fall into nothingness but luckily we didn't. When we finally found a big space to park we had a photo.
Then when we were going home we found a river, a rushing river. Here is another photo of me and Davy.
 Then we got back in the car to carry on the journey. Davy asked when we were finally going home and I said soon, in about an hour and a half.
 But in the car Davy got bored so he decided to do some pull ups, it was so funny!
 When we got home Davy was so tired after doing all of the pull ups.
That night we went to a Chinese Restaurant called The Wok 31 but Davy was to tired so he decided to stay home with Bibi's long lost twin Baba.

(Day three)
When we went out for the day to take my sister back to the airport, Davy decided to stay at home again and watch telly with Baba. Here is a photo of them cuddling on the sofa watching the telly.
Before we took my sister to the airport we went to a park in Blagnac it is next to the Wok 31. It was fun.  
   Then we went to the airport to drop my sister off - now that bit was sad.

Then we went home. I feel lonely!
That's the end of me and Davy's busy weekend I hope he can come and stay soon!
The End.


  1. Wow, Abi, Bibi had a very full weekend with you! Swimming, meeting your sister, mountains, pull-ups, hanging out with Baba - what a great time you had!

  2. I agree with Mr Gregg - a VERY busy weekend. Thank you for sharing it with us. You have definitely got the hang of using the blog too.

  3. You were lucky you saw your sister.

  4. Replies
    1. I know I keep saying this but Thank you

  5. What an amazing weekend you had with your sister and Davy!

  6. I think your weekend was fantaxtic¡

  7. Abi Baba is a great name for bibi's lost twin sister! But I don't know why we keep on calling monkey's names the first a consonant and the second letter a vowel?