Monday, 6 January 2014


Me and Davy in the zoo
A giraffe made of lego
I went to Berlin for Christmas holidays. On the second day we went to the zoo. It was a sunny day and I enjoyed it a lot.

In Berlin there is a real story of the Wall of the Berlin, it is so famous cause it separated Berlin into two cities during 28 years. There is a picture of me and Davy standing in front of the Wall of Berlin.

The Wall of Berlin
Another day we went to Legoland. I liked it a lot cause you could build mini sculptures with legos. 

The television tower
Before returning to Toulouse we went to a museum called Pergamon Museum. There were so many things to see and there was a big blue gate of the Mesopotamian era.

The Pergamon museum
In the same day we went to the Berlin television tower that measures 368 metres tall.

We did a lot more things with Davy in Berlin and learned and had lots of fun!


  1. Wow, Irene, you and Davy really made the most of being in Berlin! That wall is very famous - from the time when it was impossible to cross it (though perhaps Davy might have been able to even then)!

  2. Berlin looks like an amazing place.

  3. WOW! look like you are having a fun time in Berlin but next time TAKE ME!

  4. Lovely! I really like the Zoo and I'd love to go to Lego land!

    1. I went to Lego land when I was 2 years old.