Sunday, 19 January 2014

My awesome week-end with Perry

 Perry visited me & my family this week-end and this is our story together !

On Friday night we all went out in the dark to drop my brother Josh off at Scouts at 7pm (an adventure group) and then we had to pick him up again at 9pm, it was super dark.

On Saturday morning we had to be up very early because I have a piano lesson at 9.15am, even though Perry was tired she came with me and had a lesson too !!!

My piano teacher said that Perry was very good, and can come back again.

After that we went to Decathlon to look at the sledges because we are going to go up into the Mountains next week-end to go skiing and sledging. 

Perry was not too interseted in going to play in the snow as she thought it would be very cold and her fur would get wet.   

On Sunday we went to the Market in Cornebarrieu to get some fruit and vegetables. Perry came with us and she had a really long ride on my scooter.

It was the best way to go to the Market ever !!!


On the way back to the car, as a special treat we took Perry to the climbing dome. She climbed up very high and I was too frightened to follow her, but my brother Josh did and brought her down again.

I think she felt very at home and happy on the climbing dome.

That was my really great fun weekend with Perry, I really hope she can come and stay again with us soon as she is a lot of fun :-)


  1. I didn't know that Perry even had piano skills but Perry is a he not a she but it doesn't really matter. : - )

  2. You climbed up really high that climbing dome. Looks like you had lots of fun with Perry! :-)

  3. Ah good, those monkeys need a bit of climbing and swinging (and even a little skooting)!

  4. Brilliant Niamh! Your blog post is great.

    1. Thank you Miss Whittaker!

    2. I espect is so good doing the piano? So it was à fun weekend ? I hope That Perry was ok with the big cut in his back but it was luky . That the next week i sewed him up :)

  5. I never knew that Perry was good at piano! Perry, the first piano playing monkey!

  6. Perry must be an expert at playing the piano.
    Did you by her bananas at the market?

  7. What kind of tunes can Parry play on the piano?,

  8. It looks like Perry had a great time with you this weekend and he's got a bit of piano skills now!