Sunday, 19 January 2014

My weekend with Sisi

( day number one ).
When we arrived home I showed Sis Hamley. ( They liked each other ). 

( day number two ).
On Saturday afternoon I went  to the hairdresser. The lady washed my hair with water and shampoo then dried my hair and made it straight . (I'm glad I didn't bring Sisi otherwise the monkey might have got her fur chopped off. )

 A little bit later...we played a game called Pictionary.  Ceecee won!

 (Late at night) we were making a brownie.  Sisi wanted to help so we put an apron on her.  She held an egg and cracked it.  She put the cocoa powder in.

 We put some chocolate in and Sisi and I ate some (I didn't like it; it's too dark).

 But, we both liked the chocolate mixture.  I wonder how it will turn out...?


  1. Those cheeky monkeys really love chocolate!
    Great work Penelope :-)!

  2. I wonder what Sisi would have looked like with straightened hair?

  3. silly monkey eating chocolate!

  4. I think it was one of the best week-ends for Sisi!