Saturday, 25 January 2014

A rainy start to the weekend for Bibi

It was a wet wet Friday. When Bibi left IST she was wondering whether she would get outdoors at all this weekend.

First of all we took Sam off to his gymnastics in Colomiers:

She was a bit disappointed that she couldn't go in with Sam and do some swinging on the high bars and rings.

Saturday morning was not much better. The grown-ups were having coffee, and she had to sit still and make polite conversation.

She's hoping that there'll be some chance for a bit of monkeying around before the weekend is out...


  1. Looks like Bibi really likes macarons!

  2. Bibi looks a bit sad this week-end Mr.Gregg! Try to cheer her up!

  3. She probably misses her old friend the Organ Grinder

  4. Hi Michael. I'd need to hear that from the Organ Grinder rather than you.

  5. I love Bibi's little cup of tea on a saucer, very cute!