Sunday, 5 January 2014

Popcorn after Christmas

After Christmas, Popcorn had made too many friends in my house in Michigan. He found some teddy bears and dogs.

He also met his twin cousins. Pinkie was a girl and Brownie was a boy.

We played "hide and seek" and Popcorn was hiding in my Santa Claus hat.

Whenever we had to eat, Popcorn wanted a lot of chocolate, but he was only allowed to eat few small pieces every day. Popcorn thought the chocolate is his vitamin C.


  1. I think you had fun with popcorn.

  2. It's really funny when Popcorn thinks chocolate is vitamin C because chocolate starts with C!

  3. Being with all those bears and dogs and monkeys must have made Popcorn feel very comfortable in Michigan. Plus the chocolate of course!

  4. Pinkie looks like Popcorn except that she's a girl, pink and looooong!