Sunday, 5 January 2014

Christmas with Bibi - Ho Ho Hooooo!


Sunday morning we all went on the car to go to the Pyrenees to celebrate Christmas. Bibi was nervous because it was the first time he saw snow and touched snow.

When I went skiing I made a snowman with my brother while Bibi was eating two hundred bananas. Bibi loved snow, but it was really cold so he stayed in the hotel a week.

On the 24th I was waiting for Father Christmas and he came at seven o’clock. Bibi was really excited. Father Christmas gave me spy glasses and he gave presents to everybody and then they lived happily ever after.

When I arrived to my house I saw a gigantic toy and I opened it and it was something amazing….har, har, har,  Only friends can discover it because it is in my house and I don’t want unknown people in my house because they could be nasty bad people. 


  1. Looks like you have had a great holiday Miguel - what super photos. What will Bibi do next, after spending so much time with you and Gustavo?

  2. Bibi is a she not a he but it doesn't really matter.

  3. I have Bibi's long lost twin baba!