Sunday, 12 January 2014

Popcorn chez Jacques

This weekend I was so happy to invite Popcorn around !
Firstly, we went rock climbing because that is what I do every Friday after school.We went on the hardest one I knew. We climbed all the way to the top and I think Popcorn quite enjoyed it.
When  we came home, he made a new friend,Banana.who is my little Brother’s monkey. They got on very well and had a nuts party !
Popcorn chose to sleep on my music stand in my bedroom.
On Saturday morning, we went for a walk to the bakery and took both Popcorn and Banana. They said they wanted 2 massive cakes but my mum said no to them. What a cheeky little mummy.
In the afternoon, I played Minecraft and Popcorn watched me and he was very pleased.
On Sunday morning, I played the flute for Popcorn and he told me that I am pretty good at it. As the weather was really nice, we played on the trampoline and then went for a big cycle ride (6kms).
It is now Sunday evening and Popcorn is fairly tired but he seems very happy because we did lots of activities with him.


  1. Looks like Popcorn enjoyed hearing you with your flute!

  2. And I bet Popcorn liked climbing too. Monkeys need that more than we humans do.

  3. Good clibming. you look like Spider man.

  4. Good climbing .you look like Spider man.

  5. You look like spider man! I hope pocporn did not fall down

  6. I love that Popcorn went climbing with you Jacques! That's why he's been so happy, I think he had an amazing time.

  7. It seems hard to do rock climbing! Hope Popcorn didn't fall down! That would mean he would have to stay with Nurse Whittaker like Davy!