Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My weekend with Bibi

This weekend Bibi came to stay with us. On Friday after school I showed Bibi round my bedroom and then we sat down to eat with my brother. After we had finished eating, we watched a film called Brave and ate some popcorn. Then at bedtime I tucked Bibi into her bed and she looked all cosy.

On Saturday we took Bibi shopping with us and she really enjoyed riding in the trolley with my brother. In the afternoon we went to the park and played hide and seek. Bibi was really good at playing hide and seek.

On Sunday we went to the market. Bibi loved it when we went to the cake stall that sell lovely British cakes. Me and Bibi shared a cream cake and it was delicious. After we got home we spent the afternoon doing puzzles and playing lego friends.

Me and Bibi had a great weekend together and I hope she comes to stay again soon.


  1. What a nice weekend Bibi had! Well done Amelia!

  2. Is the market you took Bibi to in Leguvin? Lucky Bibi having cream cakes!

  3. yes it is in leguvin. They have lovely cakes.

  4. what a nice weekend! I love cakes!

  5. Fantastic week-end Amelia with Bibi!