Thursday, 2 January 2014

Putting the Christmas Tree with Popcorn

On the 22nd of December Popcorn was really excited, because I told him that we will go to pick up the Christmas Tree. I told him he needed to calm down and eat breakfast first. Popcorn said that instead of bananas he wanted to try some grapes, so I gave him two.

Later we went to pick up the Christmas Tree and started to decorate it. Popcorn helped a lot with the decoration.

When I went to get more decorations Popcorn was hiding in the Christmas Tree. Can you find Popcorn in the Christmas Tree?


  1. Lovely!

    (And I'm glad Popcorn is having something healthy like grapes, as well as all the chocolate he sometimes eats!)

  2. Cheeky little Popcorn is hanging on your christmas tree decoration!

  3. Popcorn is a very cheeky monkey.

  4. Nice Christmas tree! Silly Popcorn!