Sunday, 30 March 2014

Party with Popcorn

At the party Popcorn was there with  ....

lots of us, and he took turns to pose for a photo ...
with the Birthday Boy Tobias - aged 9 !!

Don't jump off just yet

Hola Popcorn

A few hours after going to the market, we went to the bowling party where Popcorn was choosing his drink, but he was too young to have anything like that on the menu because he was too young to drink beer.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Rainy Saturday With Sisi!

On Saturday morning, Gustavo & Miguel's dad took them to cathe cisme and I went back home.
Later on I went to tennis lessons. At my house I had spaguetti with tomato sauce for lunch.
After lunch I stayed at home blogging while my dad was watching my sister play basketball.
At night, I watched a contest called The Voice. Sisi enjoyed watching it again with me!

Sunny Friday With Sisi!

On Friday after school, I was so glad to take Sisi for the weekend!
Later on, we went to the orthodontist and we saw Mimi!

At the orthodontist they put some play dough thing on my teeth. It was disgusting!
After, I went to Gustavo & Miguel's house for a sleepover and we watched a film called Percy Jackson and the lightning theif.

Perry at the first spring weekend

At my first  moment  with Perry I found  Pablo that was also spending his weekend with a monkey.

I knew I was going to have an exciting week end, so I told Perry.

First of all we went to  my orchestra practice, Perry thought it was really good.

Then we had supper with our friends.We ate pizza and it was really nice.

After that we went to a celtic music concert and we  got an autograph from the players!

Saturday morning we went to buy some bread and Perry wanted to eat all the cupcakes, they looked great!

Then I built up my new bedside table, Perry helped me and at the end...It looked great!

After that we went to the "mediateque" of Toulouse and I found Matilda in Spanish.

Next morning we did a scientific experiment mixing different liquids and this is what we got to:

 After that we went to buy some food at the market and I saw very nice looking Spanish strawberries.

The last thing that I did with Perry was to play a game that I like so much,it is like this.

I had a great time with Perry this weekend and I think he enjoyed it too.

The great days with Davy!

Davys awesome holiday with Abi! 

Davy came to my house for the holiday and this is our story together!
(Day one)
When we got home on Thursday Davy saw my dog Ruby again!
Then when it was time for me to give Davy a bedtime story called Riff-Raff Rabbit! It's from the school library! When our bedtime story had finished we went to bed.
(Day two)
Today is very wet! When it got a little dryer  Davy had a look outside from the window!
This is what he saw:

After that we went to Babou. Then we met Elie and Perry at McDonalds! After we ate Elie, Perry, Davy and I went to the playing area! We played Cycling, Basket Ball, running and Climbing. Perry and Davy got VERY tired after!
Another day we met Elie at the zoo with Perry and Davy again! At first we went into the drive bit but then we went to have a picnic in the boot of Elie's big car! It was so tasty! Then we went to walking part and we saw two seal shows the first one was just a practice but the second one was the real thing! oh I really liked it!
And then another day Vega came to my house we played lots of things like Bounce the bouncy ball or get in the pool and even Vega got married to the pool!  
I really enjoyed my weekend with Davy I hope he can visit AGAIN! But I do have to try another monkey next time!
The End! 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Hercules weekend for Davy

 On Sunday I invited Miguel and Gustavo to the cinema and we saw the legend of Hercules and it was awesome.
Then in the cinema we saw a giant Lego sculpture of a Lego girl, during my holidays I saw the film she was in and she was called Cool Tag but then she said her real name and she was Lucie.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Popcorn the Cook

"Can I help?'
 "Yes, sure. Do you want to taste things?"

"Mmm... nice. What's this?"

"This one smells nice. What is it?"
"Yeeurggh!! Not nice! What' was that?"
 "Remind me never to try onions again!"


"What are we making?"

"I believe it's called a mirepoix. It's named after a town not far from here."


"Hey what?"

"That word you just said - mirepoix - is a different colour!"

"Oh that. It's a hyperlink."

"What's a hyperlink? Do we cook that too?"

"No, you click on it and it takes you somewhere."

"We can't go somewhere else now - we've got to cook these vegetables."

"OK then. Let's get them in the pan and start frying them."

"This is fun! I'm a real cook!"

Monday, 17 March 2014

Popcorn awesome holidays with Fernando


In Friday we went to a country house in Teruel (Spain)with my cousins and we celebrate carnival and I was dressed of Batman because my ant lead my use that costume. There was raining all the day but one day that it was not raining so much my cousins, my father, my
uncles and me we went to play football.

 Then on Sunday we went to Albarracín that is a medieval city, very close of Bronchales (the village where was the country house) but Popcorn didn't want to come with us.

 In the afternoon we went to a bar to see Atletico de Madrid vs Real Madrid at final they remained 2-2 and we were very happy because Real Madrid is one of the best team of the world .

Then we go to the town of my mother and there we have a dog call Luna and when Popcorn had seen  Luna he was a little bit scared because she bite a little bit but then they were friend and they wanted to do photo
                           Then Popcorn climb one of the tress of my grandma...


Then we went to Madrid (Las Rozas) parque Paris and Popcorn told me that he was so tired of the trip because it was 2 hours and he decided to stay at the Hotel.

Then we went to Toulouse in car and Popcorn was so
happy beause he want to see you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then when we were in Toulouse the tuesday Atletico de Madrid
was playing versus AC Milan and Atletico win 4-2 and we were
so so happy...