Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The great days with Davy!

Davys awesome holiday with Abi! 

Davy came to my house for the holiday and this is our story together!
(Day one)
When we got home on Thursday Davy saw my dog Ruby again!
Then when it was time for me to give Davy a bedtime story called Riff-Raff Rabbit! It's from the school library! When our bedtime story had finished we went to bed.
(Day two)
Today is very wet! When it got a little dryer  Davy had a look outside from the window!
This is what he saw:

After that we went to Babou. Then we met Elie and Perry at McDonalds! After we ate Elie, Perry, Davy and I went to the playing area! We played Cycling, Basket Ball, running and Climbing. Perry and Davy got VERY tired after!
Another day we met Elie at the zoo with Perry and Davy again! At first we went into the drive bit but then we went to have a picnic in the boot of Elie's big car! It was so tasty! Then we went to walking part and we saw two seal shows the first one was just a practice but the second one was the real thing! oh I really liked it!
And then another day Vega came to my house we played lots of things like Bounce the bouncy ball or get in the pool and even Vega got married to the pool!  
I really enjoyed my weekend with Davy I hope he can visit AGAIN! But I do have to try another monkey next time!
The End!