Sunday, 23 March 2014

Popcorn the Cook

"Can I help?'
 "Yes, sure. Do you want to taste things?"

"Mmm... nice. What's this?"

"This one smells nice. What is it?"
"Yeeurggh!! Not nice! What' was that?"
 "Remind me never to try onions again!"


"What are we making?"

"I believe it's called a mirepoix. It's named after a town not far from here."


"Hey what?"

"That word you just said - mirepoix - is a different colour!"

"Oh that. It's a hyperlink."

"What's a hyperlink? Do we cook that too?"

"No, you click on it and it takes you somewhere."

"We can't go somewhere else now - we've got to cook these vegetables."

"OK then. Let's get them in the pan and start frying them."

"This is fun! I'm a real cook!"


  1. Haha, that's brilliant! Love your post Mr Gregg and Popcorn.

  2. Well done Popcorn! You stopped Mr Gregg from adding the tea-bag like he did when he made a special meal for his friends a long time ago!

  3. I have only ever once added a tea bag. That's for the stew when you're mountain climbing only!

  4. This is brilliant popcorn makes a good chef.

  5. Haha! that is very funny!