Monday, 17 March 2014

Popcorn awesome holidays with Fernando


In Friday we went to a country house in Teruel (Spain)with my cousins and we celebrate carnival and I was dressed of Batman because my ant lead my use that costume. There was raining all the day but one day that it was not raining so much my cousins, my father, my
uncles and me we went to play football.

 Then on Sunday we went to Albarracín that is a medieval city, very close of Bronchales (the village where was the country house) but Popcorn didn't want to come with us.

 In the afternoon we went to a bar to see Atletico de Madrid vs Real Madrid at final they remained 2-2 and we were very happy because Real Madrid is one of the best team of the world .

Then we go to the town of my mother and there we have a dog call Luna and when Popcorn had seen  Luna he was a little bit scared because she bite a little bit but then they were friend and they wanted to do photo
                           Then Popcorn climb one of the tress of my grandma...


Then we went to Madrid (Las Rozas) parque Paris and Popcorn told me that he was so tired of the trip because it was 2 hours and he decided to stay at the Hotel.

Then we went to Toulouse in car and Popcorn was so
happy beause he want to see you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then when we were in Toulouse the tuesday Atletico de Madrid
was playing versus AC Milan and Atletico win 4-2 and we were
so so happy...


  1. Popcorn was so lucky to be invited to join your family for the holidays. You did lots of different things and really tired Popcorn out! Great photos too.

  2. Wow! What a busy holiday!

  3. I would like to go and visit Albarracín!

  4. Your holidays with Popcorn is Awesome!!
    Me to i would like to go to Albarracin!
    Great job!