Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sisi At Maia’s House

The climbing frame
When we got home we didn't know what to do, so we played find-Sisi.
She hid behind the door!

The next day Sisi and her new friend Dylan the cuddly dog, went outside to see what the boys were doing, instead they went up my tree house !

The day after that Sisi realised that it was our last day .
“We have to do something special today”said Sisi.
“We will” I replied. We went to the the Quinze Sols park in Blagnac by the river Garonne.

When we got there Sisi caught her eye on a climbing frame . Here it is: Can you see Sisi and I at the top?

It was a bit hard getting to the top level because it was so small.

We saw a part of where some of the river bank had been washed away, because recently there was a little storm .There was a bench that would have been there,a bit further away along the grass .

Before lunch we walked a bit more and we saw a tree that had fallen down, we climbed up it!

Here is a picture of us : 

I forgot to tell you guys we saw a sand bank and we walked through it and we saw a ski that had been washed up ! It was so exciting, because there were mounds of sand so it was a bit hard to walk up.
Here we are walking though the sand: 

When we got home in the afternoon we all decided a game and we all played it. My whole family chose a game and it was great fun, Sisi was enjoying her self so much that she went “OOH OOH AAH AAH!”

This is our den were we played four fun games.

It was very comfy with soft cushions.We also had a rule that we had to take off our shoes.

Would you like to play in there?

Hope you liked our week-end!

By Maia

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