Sunday, 23 February 2014

Popcorn at Jacques's house.

On Friday night, me and Popcorn went to the Chinese restaurant; it was very nice! I had frogs and some moules frites. On Saturday, Tino came to my house and we had a great time! We were happily watching Star Wars number two when the power went off, the lights went off. These are the things that did not work anymore:
  • all the lights around the house
  • the TV
  • everything that requires electricity in the house was dead!
I think that Popcorn was scared of the dark so we looked after him. 
So we went to bed and my dad made a fire in the fireplace and let us play on the Ipad (luckily it was charged up).
On Sunday morning, the electricity was back on and because the weather was so nice, we went cycling with Tino and Popcorn. 


  1. Cool your weekend Jacques! Were you surprised when the power went of?
    I think I would!

  2. A proper fire is the thing when there's a power cut. Did you light candles too?