Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Davy's weekend with Miguel

It is about a cheeky monkey he lived in a bamboo house. Miguel made it and he was really happy. Just then a big and scary ogre came with sharp teeth. The ogre said har har your house is rubbish and the monkey was really sad. The ogre went to scare other people.

Davy was sad and I said to him: “do you want to play with me?” He said: “YESS”. Then we played hide and seek.

After that, he went to his bamboo house and when the monkey was really comfortable just when pop he jumped and got his head stuck in a jug and I got him out of the jug. He said to me: “Thank you very much, you are my friend”.

I asked to the cheeky monkey if he wanted to help me in the garden. I love gardening! .

The monkey said: “can I try too?” and I said: why not.” He was a really good gardener. My parents were very happy because the garden become really lovely.


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