Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My weekend with Perry

DAY 1: Friday

When Perry came to my house I went rollerskating with him and then perry met his cousin sniffy who is already living with us in my house. He was very comfortable playing with Sniffy and also met with my other soft toys friends. We watched movie together called- John Carter, Perry enjoyed that movie very much. After, We were both so tired that we ate dinner and went to the bed. I wished Perry good night and we both slept. 
Day 2: Saturday
It was Saturday so we woke up quite late. After, we had breakfast and we played on the iPad. In the evening we went out for shopping and Perry joined us too. Perry enjoyed with us roaming around and watching nice shops. I introduced Perry to my little dog-Ishi. Ishi was glad to meet him.
Day 3: Sunday
Morning, after our breakfast, Ishi and me played with Perry a lot. Ishi was running around Perry and trying to talk to him. In the afternoon,  Advait came to my house  to pick me because Davy wanted to play with perry so  we took  them to Mcdonalds and to the pet shop. Later, we all went to the nearby lake and had too much fun playing together. Perry wanted to ride on Ishi. In the evening, we prepared for the next day for our school and had diner together.

It was a great experience having such a loving guest at our home and we wish we would have him again some day.
by Aksh

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