Sunday, 16 February 2014

Penny and Sisi

This weekend I was with Sisi :

Day 1. It was the day of Claudia's Birthday Party and I was so excited.
Sisi came to ! She liked dancing with the other  kids .
The games we played were :

  • Pin the tale on the donkey
  • Musical statues 3 times  

Guess what? Claudia 's little sister and Sara's little sister stole my shoes!
Next we opened her presents. My favourite present she got was a little diary notebook thing.

Sisi really enjoyed herself, so did I.

Can you see Sisi?


  1. Hi Penny! Well Done for this blog post! I found Sisi on the picture but it takes time to look for her. Did Sisi enjoy musical statues? Lovely post Penny!

  2. I really liked your blog post Penny! It was so good at the party!

  3. Sisi is really well hiden in there Penny and haw on Eath did you get so meny ferry frends.

  4. And now I've seen you at Claudia's party on her blog post.So Sisi and Popcorn were able to get together!

  5. In the picture of the end it is a bit difficult to find Sisi!