Sunday, 2 February 2014

My awesome weekend with Bibi

On Friday afternoon Bibi found out that I had a kitten. Bibi was a bit afraid at first but then by 6 o’clock she wasn't scared as much. My kitten is called Ginger. He loved playing with Bibi. Actually he loved to swish her  around! 

The pantomime was so good . I loved it! Mrs Baldwin was the funniest person in the pantomime. This is one of her jokes when one of the actors said get me some flour for a cake so Mrs Baldwin went to get a flower but then the actor said no no no the white flour! Then Mrs Baldwin said but this is a white flower! I laughed and I laughed and Bibi laughed too.

We also played with some Cuisenaire rods. Bibi didn't finish hers so she finished it on Saturday.
On Saturday I was so excited because we were going to the pantomime in Pibrac! Noah, my brother, was also very excited because Tibo, his best friend, was coming for a sleep-over after it. Bibi was very excited too. When it was time to go, Bibi nearly fell out of my arms but just in time I caught her. Then she said “ Are we nearly there yet?” and I said “Bibi we’ve just set off!" When we arrived I saw Tibo and Lali ( Tibo’s sister) and Bibi asked me “Who are these people?” Then I said with a voice as if to say Do you not know them? They are Noah’s friends, their names are Tibo and Lali. Lali is my friend too. When it started I was ever so happy. I was always looking at Isobel Robson. She is in year nine. She always looked after me when I was in foundation stage.

On Sunday we went to the neighbour's house it was fun because we had crêpes and galette des roi. I don’t know why we had galette des roi because its way past time for it! We also watched some rugby on TV. Bibi wished she was at the party that Noah was at . It was at Royal Kids. She loves Royal Kids! (Me too!) When we got back home I told Bibi that she had to go into my bag so that I would not forget her on Monday! She refused and I said “Okay but you stay near the door so that I can remember you!"

I've really enjoyed having Bibi at my house I hope she will come back soon!


  1. that is a great weekend for Bibi.

  2. I'm glad Bibi got to have a go with the Cuisenaire rods!

    Was Bibi surprised to see Mrs Baldwin in the pantomime?

  3. I think Mrs Baldwin was also very funny at the pantomime!

  4. Wow Alicia!
    What a great time Bibi had a great time with you this weekend!
    And at the Pantomime! Is the Pantomime good? I haven't seen it.

  5. I really think you had an super-weekend with bibi