Monday, 10 February 2014

Popcorn's Awesome Weekend With Pablo (again)

Friday 7th Febuary

Today I was very happy to have Popcorn for the weekend again.
After school I went with Vega and Maia to the park but first of all we went to the supermarket.
We bought some pain au chocolat. Guess what?! Popcorn found a neighbourhood of chocolate.

We also wanted to see the neighbourhood!
Can you spot Popcorn?

On the way to the park we listened to some MIKA music in the car.
We all sang Lollipop together because we knew the words. Popcorn sang too!

When we arrived at the park we had snack straight away!

We all went up the giant climbing ball. It was so cool!

Later on we all had to go home because it was late and it was getting darker.

Saturday 8th Febuary 

In the morning I made pancakes for my family. They had little bits of chocolate inside!
Popcorn told me all the ingredients I needed to mix in the bowl.
When I tried one they were scrumptious!

After breakfast I went to my tennis lesson but first I showed Popcorn the 2000 New York piece puzzle.
Do you like it?
Popcorn wanted me to carry him on my tennis racket, so that's what I did!

Afterwards Popcorn and I went directly to Toulouse to see the film Cinderella with Vega and Telmo.
We had to run half Toulouse to get to the cinema very rapidly.
We arrived just on time for the film!

After the film Vega, Popcorn and I went walking to the Jardin Japonais near Compans Caffarelli.
Bonsai Tree
I hid under a Bonsai tree!
This is a red japanesse bridge

Going out of the garden we saw some people doing graffiti and they let us try!


My feet and Vega's feet were soaked. I mean totally soaked!

We arrived at a bar and we had hot chocolate.
Vega and I sat up and had a private meeting about the next mini panto we are going to do.
On a piece of paper we wrote on things about what extra things can we put on to make it look better.

When we were talking about stuff guess what?… We both saw Mr Davidson! What a surprise!

We returned safely in the car back home.

Sunday 9th Febuary
 For breakfast Popcorn and I had toasts with marmelade.
I was very tired.
I got dressed and went to catechisme and then to Toulouse for lunch.

On our way to the restaurant look what Popcorn saw:
A sunken ship in the Garonne river!
This is due to the rain and storms these last days.

When we arrived at the restaurant Popcorn had a bit of toast with marmelade.
We had a great meal together and when we finished I found an Oxford University pillow.
For dessert we went to a different place and I had a WOW cake (and it was delicious).
Popcorn liked the look of that mini cake.
To finish our visit to Toulouse we walked to Capitole.
Then Popcorn was really desperate to go home so we did.

Back home we both made Kapla!

It was fun having Popcorn visiting again!


  1. What a brilliant post, Pablo. And I love the photos too - especially the one of you all climbing at the park! Popcorn had a fantastic weekend!

  2. Wow Pablo! You had a very good weekend with Popcorn again! The Kapla and the jigsaw look really hard!