Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bibi's super weekend with Vega

First of all Maria and me took a photo because we didn't want to go home.

  Then we went to a park and we had a lot of fun, so Bibi got upset when it was time to go.

After that we had some home made Valentines lemon cake, my brother made some sweets. Hungry, all of us waited...and we finished the cake!

Saturday morning I went to basketball.  Davy allready told Bibi about it. She really enjoyed it.

Next I took Bibi to the boulangerie where they make the best bread of my village, it was very good.

Saturday night we made pizza and she made good friends with Cacahuete that's my brother's monkey.

Sunday we went to ski and Bibi got a bit cold because it snowed all day!

the end

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  1. It was all snowy when you went skiing! I agree that Bibi was a bit cold in the snow without her clothes. And I also love the valentines lemon cake. It's beautiful!
    Well Done for the post Vega! :)