Sunday, 2 February 2014

Davy' s amazing days with Advait!


Today Davy came to my house and he was so excited that he went around my house jumping,so much so he almost broke a vase.  

We went to Aldi marche and Davy had a ride on the conveyor belt.had i not picked him up, the shopkeeper would have buid him.


We reached home and Davy met my Lego friends,
initally he was scared but later on he became friends.
 Here are some with one Lego friend from star war gangs.



Davy slept with my Lego friends he wished everyone good night after having a good indian dinner.


The next day we went for shopping and had lunch outside. When we were going to eat lunch ,Davy climbed up a tree . It took sometime for me to get him back.



 Davy was very hungry after climbing the tree and I too was hungry chasing Davy .So Davy and me had food from Subway while my parents had their lunch at a resturant near by.
We did shopping the whole day while Davy hung over my hand so he didn't  fall  or got lost, though he was very very bored. Davy was behaving well and was interested in Jazz band been played at the mall.

On our way back, he was swinging in the car.


Today Davy woke up and asked me to take him for cycling. So I took my bike, he jumbed on the handle and me went cycling.

 We cycled all the way to the lake which is near IST our school .My house is near Marie de Colomiers  and near super U and it's near the Gare de Colomiers .so I cycled that long and Davy was tired of hanging. 

Now we were at the lake and Davy again climbed a tree.



Guess what happened !! my parents gave a surprise by arranging a meeting with Perry .Davy had a great time playing with Perry and basking in the sun while I was playing with Aksh. Perry was with Aksh

  We played so much that we were so tired that we decided to go to Mc Donalds for a quick bite.

After we reached the lake, we were pleased to see Aksh's puppy Ishi. We played with her and Davy really enjoyed a small ride that Ishi gave him on her back.
Davy was excited .
We played basket ball he jumped very high that he got stuck,he hung for his dear life till I came to the rescue him.

Finally we went to Le Gandhi, an Indian resturant, Davy loved the food.


Now Davy is going back to school on monday he wanted to stay for long time but I told him that he has to try some other kids house and may be come to my house someother time.

My lego friends held him up and swung him during his farewell party. Even the Lego friends will miss him a lot.

Bye Davy! We hope you come back soon to this house, and don't forget to tell the other monkeys!


  1. What a fun weekend! I think Davy will miss a lot his lego friends!

  2. Yes he Will but he should also have new expirience.