Friday, 29 November 2013

Meet Bibi

(Post originally posted by Claudia on the Y4 @ IST blog.)

Bibi is Popcorn's and Davy's little sister!

Look! Bibi is dressed up as the sleeping beauty!

(She really likes dressing up as princesses.) (Hehehe!)

My sister is also dressed up.
What do you think she's dressed up as?

1. Princess Monkey

2. Sleeping Beauty

3. Crazy girl

Response 3 is the correct answer: Crazy girl!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Popcorn came to stay for the weekend.

On Saturday we went to the forest to look for pine cones to take home to decorate.
When me and Popcorn got home we had a hot chocolate to warm up and Popcorn loves hot chocolate.

On Sunday we went to my friend's birthday party. Popcorn loved dancing and playing games with everybody. After the party we went home and played board games which was lots of fun. Hope Popcorn comes to stay again soon!

Having an awesome weekend with Davy

On Saturday we woke up at 8 o'clock in the morning. I ate cereals for my breakfast and my little brother Louis wanted some!

Then we ate  lunch, chicken with chips Davy was hungry so I gave him some. After my brother Manu had a birthday party so we went in the car and set of to my brothers friend house.

After we left Manu at his friend house we went to Decathlon to buy me some horse riding trousers.

We had to walk past nearly all of the corridors. Finaly when we were there we saw some horse riding gloves so we buyed them as well for my brother too. I showed Davy a big horse that was there Davy was scared but I said to him that it was a fake one. Next what we did was go to Maxi Toys because my brother wanted a plain from a film called Plains. We had to walk a bit to get  there. When we arrived there I and Davy went with my mum and little brother to look at the baby toys.
Then my mum bought me a mug. Then we went back to go and get Manu after a while we went home but my mug was broken. Next day we went to Catechism at 11am. After 1h and 30 minutes my mum came to get me and we went home to eat. After we ate we saw a film that was Moi Moche et mechant it was so funny that I nearly laughed all the film then we went to play outside.
I think Davy has a new friend!!!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Popcorn and lots of friends with Pablo

This weekend I took Popcorn Home. I was very happy.
Fernando came to my house on Friday, and we played "Just dance".
Popcorn danced too!

On Friday night...
GREAT surprise!
Isabel came from Madrid and stayed for a sleepover.
On Saturday morning we went upstairs and we built a house with the sofa and some blankets.
It broke lots of times but we made it again and again...

For lunch we went to Gustavo and Miguel's
house for their birthday. We played a lot in the garden. When it started raining we watched a film called "Indiana Jones and the crystal skull". We had popcorn with Popcorn and Popcorn liked the popcorn!

All our parents were also at Gustavo and Miguel's house. 
They had a cooking competition. This is the winning dish that my dad made. He got a prize.
I was proud of him.

On Sunday morning there was a basket tournament in Fonsorbes.  I played three basket matches.
My team won :-) I couldn't take Popcorn because he woke very late and wasn't ready to go.

On Sunday afternoon Popcorn and  I went to Maria's birthday party at Royal Kids. The whole class was there!
We had great fun!!! Thank you Maria for such a wonderful party. I hope you liked all your presents!
Popcorn had a wonderful time!

~Jesse's Weekend with Davy~

Davy woke up very hungry for breakfast in the morning! My brother Ryan is learning to make crepes all by himself and my Mom supervised. He surprised my Dad, Davy and me with plates of crepes filled with cinnamon sugar. They were amazing! Davy had a cup of orange smoothie that was just the perfect size for him. 

We went to Toulouse and ate at one of my favorite places, called “Memphis Diner”. My Grandparents live close to a really neat diner in Virginia called "The Silver Diner" and they take me there so it reminds me of them. We got veggie burgers and french fries (“chips” in England). I put Davy at the wheel of the convertible! It was pretty funny!

We did some Christmas shopping and looked at all the decorations! Davy snuck off quietly when I turned my back. Can you spot him in this picture? Look closely, he's hidden pretty well. :)

Davy didn't seem to want to stop riding the reindeer! :-)

On Sunday night, we put up our Christmas tree at home and drank hot chocolate. It was a great weekend! I was happy to have Davy come visit us.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Davy in holidays with Sara

When we came of school we ate her favourite snack, bananas. He went into the basket because he wanted to eat all the bananas. After that, we ate the bananas. He was exited and we showed the house.

Afterwards, we went to the supermarket to the toys place. He went with Santa Claus and we didn't know where he was.

Then we had a dinner. He wanted to eat an ice cream and I gave him a little bit of my own ice cream. He liked it and I gave him a little more.

The next day we did muffins. Davy wanted to help mum and me.

The last day he wanted to climb up the trees.

Popcorn in the forest!

Popcorn and  me are excited to go to theforest, can you see  Popcorn?

A swinging monkey  !
                                                                           Popcorn is swinging like
                                                                        a monkey in the jungle!
                                                                          He is high up isn't he?
Popcorn is having fun jumping this time, isn't he good at it?
Popcorn !
He is very talented,do you think so?

                                                 Popcorn is not doing what he's
                                               supposed to do, he's climbing in
                                               stead ! Mmm... I do not know
                                                what he's supposed to do, why
                                                 don't you imagine it.

The little den

 This den is very cosy, do you think so?
Popcorn loves the forest, do you love
it? I do.


Popcorn at Maia's house

I went to my friend's party.

Me and my friends

Can you see Popcorn? I'm holding him. I'm the  blonde girl .

My friend and Popcorn

Popcorn plays with them and walks with them!

Popcorn looking

Popcorn is so interested in what the  boys are doing. Imagine what they are
doing, just think.

Singing class

Where is Popcorn I can't see him
can you?
This is my singing class and Popcorn wants to sing too!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

A SUPER holiday with Davy…

was so excited that I could take Davy for the holidays.
When it was home time, I showed Davy to my mother and explained that it was a class mascot like Monty.

The next day we went for golf, I asked Davy if he would like to come but he said “No... no”, golf is too complicated for me! Next we did a canvas painting Davy loved the painting bit!
After a few days we were going to Futuroscope in Poitiers. Davy was lucky because he DID'NT need to pack up his suitcase. It took us about 5hours by car to reach there.

The next day we started with the famous attraction “Arthur adventure in 4D” because the last time I went to Futuroscope (when I was five or four) my favorite attraction was Arthur adventure. In the massive queue Davy was getting bored because of the long wait but I explained him that there is always so much of traffic for this famous attraction. Finally we got our turn to go on the giant ladybird of ARTHUR..!!!

We put on our 3d glasses and put on our hard seat belts. It was amazing experience in ARTHUR land.

The next one was “La Vienne Dynamique”
Each moving set of seats were for two persons so I went with my Dad. The attraction started, there is a man in a train and it is his marriage and he is sleeping and+ he missed his stop! So he jumps out the train and runs towards a forest. The man punches a huge tree and suddenly the ground shakes ( so our chairs shakes us really hard as well). The huge tree turns alive and is now small Tree Wizard. The old tree wizard sneezes often (and in real water splash comes on our faces. Eeeeew!)

The wizard tree gives him a magical green mushroom and within a second he is flying over a river and SPLASHING in the river, rowing boat and driving formula one car finally landing at the church! IT WAS A THRILLING EXPERIENCE.
Next was the exciting and daring journey into the dark…Davy got really scared and hid inside my jacket!!!

Back home we celebrated DIWALI which is the festival of lights in India and celebrated in a big way. My mom had made lots of many nice dishes and sweets which I was eating …and eating…hard to stop!
Davy enjoyed the firecrackers with me.

Me and DAVY had loads of fun and play…it’s time to be back at school with my friends.

......Sanika Srivastava

My holidays with Popcorn

The first day I was so happy to have Popcorn.
Popcorn asked me to dress up for Halloween.
Popcorn likes to dress up he said to me, so we dressed up.

He has put on a greedy witch costume.
He liked the dress.
He was also funny!

He wanted to put another one on.
He said, "I want to put on a funny witch costume."
this one was a also a witch.

"Now let's put on a vampire's suit."
He wanted to eat me.

On Monday we went to the cinema.
We went to see Turbo.
It was so fun.
Then we went to the sea with Popcorn.
But we didon't go the  to the sea because the weather was cold.