Monday, 25 November 2013

Having an awesome weekend with Davy

On Saturday we woke up at 8 o'clock in the morning. I ate cereals for my breakfast and my little brother Louis wanted some!

Then we ate  lunch, chicken with chips Davy was hungry so I gave him some. After my brother Manu had a birthday party so we went in the car and set of to my brothers friend house.

After we left Manu at his friend house we went to Decathlon to buy me some horse riding trousers.

We had to walk past nearly all of the corridors. Finaly when we were there we saw some horse riding gloves so we buyed them as well for my brother too. I showed Davy a big horse that was there Davy was scared but I said to him that it was a fake one. Next what we did was go to Maxi Toys because my brother wanted a plain from a film called Plains. We had to walk a bit to get  there. When we arrived there I and Davy went with my mum and little brother to look at the baby toys.
Then my mum bought me a mug. Then we went back to go and get Manu after a while we went home but my mug was broken. Next day we went to Catechism at 11am. After 1h and 30 minutes my mum came to get me and we went home to eat. After we ate we saw a film that was Moi Moche et mechant it was so funny that I nearly laughed all the film then we went to play outside.
I think Davy has a new friend!!!


  1. What a busy weekend! Popcorn and Davy seem to have a lot of friends don't they? Great pictures and super writing - well done.

  2. Maria I think that you had a funny weekend with Davy.

    1. Yes I have had a funny weekend Vega!!

  3. You did lots of coooooool ideas Maria well done!

  4. Who was Davy's new monkey friend?

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