Sunday, 17 November 2013

Popcorn and lots of friends with Pablo

This weekend I took Popcorn Home. I was very happy.
Fernando came to my house on Friday, and we played "Just dance".
Popcorn danced too!

On Friday night...
GREAT surprise!
Isabel came from Madrid and stayed for a sleepover.
On Saturday morning we went upstairs and we built a house with the sofa and some blankets.
It broke lots of times but we made it again and again...

For lunch we went to Gustavo and Miguel's
house for their birthday. We played a lot in the garden. When it started raining we watched a film called "Indiana Jones and the crystal skull". We had popcorn with Popcorn and Popcorn liked the popcorn!

All our parents were also at Gustavo and Miguel's house. 
They had a cooking competition. This is the winning dish that my dad made. He got a prize.
I was proud of him.

On Sunday morning there was a basket tournament in Fonsorbes.  I played three basket matches.
My team won :-) I couldn't take Popcorn because he woke very late and wasn't ready to go.

On Sunday afternoon Popcorn and  I went to Maria's birthday party at Royal Kids. The whole class was there!
We had great fun!!! Thank you Maria for such a wonderful party. I hope you liked all your presents!
Popcorn had a wonderful time!


  1. Wow, Pablo! Popcorn saw so many people and did so many things this weekend! And great that he saw Isabel!

  2. Wow indeed! what a busy fun weekend you had...2 birthday parties!

  3. How do you fit so much into a weekend Pablo? I bet seeing Isabel again was BRILLIANT! Popcorn was SO lucky to spend the weekend with you. After 2 parties and a cooking competition Popcorn must be 'stuffed'.

  4. I like your weekend with popcorn Pablo :-) ;-)

  5. Wow Pablo,you saw so many people in just three days!
    So lucky you saw Isabel!

  6. Wow that was a friendly weekend!!!!!

  7. Pablo, awesome weekend. It seemed like 1 week, not 3 days!!!