Sunday, 3 November 2013

My holidays with Popcorn

The first day I was so happy to have Popcorn.
Popcorn asked me to dress up for Halloween.
Popcorn likes to dress up he said to me, so we dressed up.

He has put on a greedy witch costume.
He liked the dress.
He was also funny!

He wanted to put another one on.
He said, "I want to put on a funny witch costume."
this one was a also a witch.

"Now let's put on a vampire's suit."
He wanted to eat me.

On Monday we went to the cinema.
We went to see Turbo.
It was so fun.
Then we went to the sea with Popcorn.
But we didon't go the  to the sea because the weather was cold.


  1. It seems like a very exiting holiday Clara!

  2. I think you and popcorn had a very nice holidays

  3. I love that popcorn dressed up for Halloween, I'm sure that he loved being a vampire monkey

  4. It looks fun.I like pop corn's 2 outfit.

  5. I'm got popcorn now!!! I think it's very good Sanika

  6. I hope you are gonna right something good

  7. Clara I really really like the way you have dressed Popcorn

  8. I wonder who is gonna have popcorn at home but I mean popcorn the food

  9. You had a great time with Popcorn!