Sunday, 3 November 2013

A SUPER holiday with Davy…

was so excited that I could take Davy for the holidays.
When it was home time, I showed Davy to my mother and explained that it was a class mascot like Monty.

The next day we went for golf, I asked Davy if he would like to come but he said “No... no”, golf is too complicated for me! Next we did a canvas painting Davy loved the painting bit!
After a few days we were going to Futuroscope in Poitiers. Davy was lucky because he DID'NT need to pack up his suitcase. It took us about 5hours by car to reach there.

The next day we started with the famous attraction “Arthur adventure in 4D” because the last time I went to Futuroscope (when I was five or four) my favorite attraction was Arthur adventure. In the massive queue Davy was getting bored because of the long wait but I explained him that there is always so much of traffic for this famous attraction. Finally we got our turn to go on the giant ladybird of ARTHUR..!!!

We put on our 3d glasses and put on our hard seat belts. It was amazing experience in ARTHUR land.

The next one was “La Vienne Dynamique”
Each moving set of seats were for two persons so I went with my Dad. The attraction started, there is a man in a train and it is his marriage and he is sleeping and+ he missed his stop! So he jumps out the train and runs towards a forest. The man punches a huge tree and suddenly the ground shakes ( so our chairs shakes us really hard as well). The huge tree turns alive and is now small Tree Wizard. The old tree wizard sneezes often (and in real water splash comes on our faces. Eeeeew!)

The wizard tree gives him a magical green mushroom and within a second he is flying over a river and SPLASHING in the river, rowing boat and driving formula one car finally landing at the church! IT WAS A THRILLING EXPERIENCE.
Next was the exciting and daring journey into the dark…Davy got really scared and hid inside my jacket!!!

Back home we celebrated DIWALI which is the festival of lights in India and celebrated in a big way. My mom had made lots of many nice dishes and sweets which I was eating …and eating…hard to stop!
Davy enjoyed the firecrackers with me.

Me and DAVY had loads of fun and play…it’s time to be back at school with my friends.

......Sanika Srivastava


  1. I think you had a lovely holidays with davy sanika

  2. thank you it was ggggrrrreeeeaaattt with Davy.

  3. WOW!! That was a cool holiday Sanika.

  4. Your right Maria it was a COOL holiday.

  5. Davy is very lucky to have experienced Diwali with you and your family, and futuroscope of course! Your photographs are wonderful, I especially like the firecracker one.

  6. You had an incredible holidays whith Davy.

  7. I have never ever been to futuroscope but it looks awesome!!!!!!

    1. Me neither I think will enjoy it.

  8. Wow a great Weekend Sanika!