Monday, 11 November 2013

Popcorn in the forest!

Popcorn and  me are excited to go to theforest, can you see  Popcorn?

A swinging monkey  !
                                                                           Popcorn is swinging like
                                                                        a monkey in the jungle!
                                                                          He is high up isn't he?
Popcorn is having fun jumping this time, isn't he good at it?
Popcorn !
He is very talented,do you think so?

                                                 Popcorn is not doing what he's
                                               supposed to do, he's climbing in
                                               stead ! Mmm... I do not know
                                                what he's supposed to do, why
                                                 don't you imagine it.

The little den

 This den is very cosy, do you think so?
Popcorn loves the forest, do you love
it? I do.



  1. Pop corn looks like he really enjoyed being in the forest, he's a lucky monkey!

  2. It was an amazing weekend and I think Pop corn has enjoyed it!!

  3. I really like the little den looks really cool.