Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sisi At Maia’s House

The climbing frame
When we got home we didn't know what to do, so we played find-Sisi.
She hid behind the door!

The next day Sisi and her new friend Dylan the cuddly dog, went outside to see what the boys were doing, instead they went up my tree house !

The day after that Sisi realised that it was our last day .
“We have to do something special today”said Sisi.
“We will” I replied. We went to the the Quinze Sols park in Blagnac by the river Garonne.

When we got there Sisi caught her eye on a climbing frame . Here it is: Can you see Sisi and I at the top?

It was a bit hard getting to the top level because it was so small.

We saw a part of where some of the river bank had been washed away, because recently there was a little storm .There was a bench that would have been there,a bit further away along the grass .

Before lunch we walked a bit more and we saw a tree that had fallen down, we climbed up it!

Here is a picture of us : 

I forgot to tell you guys we saw a sand bank and we walked through it and we saw a ski that had been washed up ! It was so exciting, because there were mounds of sand so it was a bit hard to walk up.
Here we are walking though the sand: 

When we got home in the afternoon we all decided a game and we all played it. My whole family chose a game and it was great fun, Sisi was enjoying her self so much that she went “OOH OOH AAH AAH!”

This is our den were we played four fun games.

It was very comfy with soft cushions.We also had a rule that we had to take off our shoes.

Would you like to play in there?

Hope you liked our week-end!

By Maia

My weekend with Perry

DAY 1: Friday

When Perry came to my house I went rollerskating with him and then perry met his cousin sniffy who is already living with us in my house. He was very comfortable playing with Sniffy and also met with my other soft toys friends. We watched movie together called- John Carter, Perry enjoyed that movie very much. After, We were both so tired that we ate dinner and went to the bed. I wished Perry good night and we both slept. 
Day 2: Saturday
It was Saturday so we woke up quite late. After, we had breakfast and we played on the iPad. In the evening we went out for shopping and Perry joined us too. Perry enjoyed with us roaming around and watching nice shops. I introduced Perry to my little dog-Ishi. Ishi was glad to meet him.
Day 3: Sunday
Morning, after our breakfast, Ishi and me played with Perry a lot. Ishi was running around Perry and trying to talk to him. In the afternoon,  Advait came to my house  to pick me because Davy wanted to play with perry so  we took  them to Mcdonalds and to the pet shop. Later, we all went to the nearby lake and had too much fun playing together. Perry wanted to ride on Ishi. In the evening, we prepared for the next day for our school and had diner together.

It was a great experience having such a loving guest at our home and we wish we would have him again some day.
by Aksh

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Davy's weekend with Miguel

It is about a cheeky monkey he lived in a bamboo house. Miguel made it and he was really happy. Just then a big and scary ogre came with sharp teeth. The ogre said har har your house is rubbish and the monkey was really sad. The ogre went to scare other people.

Davy was sad and I said to him: “do you want to play with me?” He said: “YESS”. Then we played hide and seek.

After that, he went to his bamboo house and when the monkey was really comfortable just when pop he jumped and got his head stuck in a jug and I got him out of the jug. He said to me: “Thank you very much, you are my friend”.

I asked to the cheeky monkey if he wanted to help me in the garden. I love gardening! .

The monkey said: “can I try too?” and I said: why not.” He was a really good gardener. My parents were very happy because the garden become really lovely.


Monday, 24 February 2014

My weekend with Bibi

On Friday we went to Claudia’s house and we did some masks. The next day we went to Toulouse and we went to the market Victor Hugo. We viewed a lot of meat, fruits and Fish.

After that we went to Wilson Square and we went inside of the carousel.

After we went to the fountain of Wilson Square and Bibi went into the fountain and in the last second I take him out of the fountain.

Then we went to ate in a restaurant with my parent’s friends and I ate a lovely pizza. Then we went to the Saint-Sernin church. Then we went to the Nesspreso boutique and Bibi started to touch the capsules and Bibi take a coffee with my parents.

The last day Bibi has helped me to write this post. 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

My Cool Weekend With Perry

On Friday I went to Leader Price to buy some food. Perry and I saw bananas so we bought them! After when we arrived home I showed Perry my dog. Then we ate waffles they were delicious Perry said. Next we saw a film and afterwards we went to sleep.

Saturday morning my Dad made crepes. I loved them and I think Perry did too. After, we went to ride on our bikes. Then I went horse riding. My pony was called Ponpon, but Perry stayed at home because he was really tired because of the bike ride. Then my Dad drove to Mygym because my brother Manu had a birthday party there. After my brother had finished the birthday party we went to fetch him. When we arrived home, we did homework. Perry helped me a lot. 

The next day after breakfast we played. At 11:00 o'clock I had catechism. Half an hour later when the catechism was finished we went to do scooter riding. After we went home to have lunch. We did bike riding again. Then we went home.

Popcorn at Jacques's house.

On Friday night, me and Popcorn went to the Chinese restaurant; it was very nice! I had frogs and some moules frites. On Saturday, Tino came to my house and we had a great time! We were happily watching Star Wars number two when the power went off, the lights went off. These are the things that did not work anymore:
  • all the lights around the house
  • the TV
  • everything that requires electricity in the house was dead!
I think that Popcorn was scared of the dark so we looked after him. 
So we went to bed and my dad made a fire in the fireplace and let us play on the Ipad (luckily it was charged up).
On Sunday morning, the electricity was back on and because the weather was so nice, we went cycling with Tino and Popcorn. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


                                                        Day one
I was so happy to have Popcorn for the weekend I started to jump around the house! (Popcorn was impressed!) 
                                                           Day two
In the morning I ate my breakfast with Popcorn!

Then we went to the swimming pool. 
Today was my birthday party but it was in the after noon. After a few hours  Sara came! Then it was my party.  

After we danced a lot, we ate my cake and I had lots of presents!

After everyone had gone, Popcorn and I went to bed.

Day 3
I was supposed to take Popcorn to class but I forgot.
After school I did my homework. Popcorn helped me a lot.

After we did my homework we went to Le Parc  Du Marots!

Here are some photos:

 He went on my sister's bike because he was scared of mine!

Popcorn made lots of 


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Perry's weekend at home

Perry came home for the weekend.

My dog "Lola" was excited about meeting Perry.

Perry met also "Coby", my rabbit.
 Lola was following Perry the whole weekend. I think she wanted to bite him.
"Joda", my turtle, was quiet. I guess is still too cold. I hope in spring she would be more active.
Perry made a lot of new friends.

Bibi's super weekend with Vega

First of all Maria and me took a photo because we didn't want to go home.

  Then we went to a park and we had a lot of fun, so Bibi got upset when it was time to go.

After that we had some home made Valentines lemon cake, my brother made some sweets. Hungry, all of us waited...and we finished the cake!

Saturday morning I went to basketball.  Davy allready told Bibi about it. She really enjoyed it.

Next I took Bibi to the boulangerie where they make the best bread of my village, it was very good.

Saturday night we made pizza and she made good friends with Cacahuete that's my brother's monkey.

Sunday we went to ski and Bibi got a bit cold because it snowed all day!

the end

Penny and Sisi

This weekend I was with Sisi :

Day 1. It was the day of Claudia's Birthday Party and I was so excited.
Sisi came to ! She liked dancing with the other  kids .
The games we played were :

  • Pin the tale on the donkey
  • Musical statues 3 times  

Guess what? Claudia 's little sister and Sara's little sister stole my shoes!
Next we opened her presents. My favourite present she got was a little diary notebook thing.

Sisi really enjoyed herself, so did I.

Can you see Sisi?