Sunday, 17 November 2013

~Jesse's Weekend with Davy~

Davy woke up very hungry for breakfast in the morning! My brother Ryan is learning to make crepes all by himself and my Mom supervised. He surprised my Dad, Davy and me with plates of crepes filled with cinnamon sugar. They were amazing! Davy had a cup of orange smoothie that was just the perfect size for him. 

We went to Toulouse and ate at one of my favorite places, called “Memphis Diner”. My Grandparents live close to a really neat diner in Virginia called "The Silver Diner" and they take me there so it reminds me of them. We got veggie burgers and french fries (“chips” in England). I put Davy at the wheel of the convertible! It was pretty funny!

We did some Christmas shopping and looked at all the decorations! Davy snuck off quietly when I turned my back. Can you spot him in this picture? Look closely, he's hidden pretty well. :)

Davy didn't seem to want to stop riding the reindeer! :-)

On Sunday night, we put up our Christmas tree at home and drank hot chocolate. It was a great weekend! I was happy to have Davy come visit us.


  1. Hey Jesse you're lucky you already have a christmas tree.

  2. You has veggi burgers in Toulouse!! Wow, i will have to go to the Memphis Diner.

  3. Davy must be missing you and your family so much after such fun activities. I think he probably gets fed up 'hanging around' at school each night after you have all gone home... At least his friends give him a super weekend. Thank you for sharing this time with us Jesse. Ryan - you look like an amazing chef!

  4. Forgot to say... Fab photos Jesse! The Santa hat looks good on you too.

  5. Jesse, what a fantastic blog! You included so many interesting photos and descriptions--I loved hearing about your weekend. I especially liked the photo where Davy was hiding! :) Great job!