Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Perry at the first spring weekend

At my first  moment  with Perry I found  Pablo that was also spending his weekend with a monkey.

I knew I was going to have an exciting week end, so I told Perry.

First of all we went to  my orchestra practice, Perry thought it was really good.

Then we had supper with our friends.We ate pizza and it was really nice.

After that we went to a celtic music concert and we  got an autograph from the players!

Saturday morning we went to buy some bread and Perry wanted to eat all the cupcakes, they looked great!

Then I built up my new bedside table, Perry helped me and at the end...It looked great!

After that we went to the "mediateque" of Toulouse and I found Matilda in Spanish.

Next morning we did a scientific experiment mixing different liquids and this is what we got to:

 After that we went to buy some food at the market and I saw very nice looking Spanish strawberries.

The last thing that I did with Perry was to play a game that I like so much,it is like this.

I had a great time with Perry this weekend and I think he enjoyed it too.


  1. Brilliant, Vega! I love the video of the dominoes especially!

    1. Thanks Mr. Gregg we had a lot of fun setting it up althoug the pieces fell by mistake quite a few times.

    2. I love your chemistry kit! You and Telmo look great!

    3. Same I love your Dominos set it's cool!