Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sisi and Pablo's Non Stop Weekend!

Friday 10th January 2014

Friday afternoon I was very excited to have Sisi.
Directly from school I went on Vega's car to the park of Marots in Tournefeuille.
Lots of Year 3 came to. We had lots of fun. Sisi's favourite thing was the giant ball.
She couldn't stop climbing it!

We also did some exercising with Sisi. She really liked it when my friends and me fell on our bodies and it was really funny. After all that exercising Sisi decided to eat a tangerine. Sisi had never seen one in her life!
After all that wonderful day Sisi and I felt very cosy.

Saturday 11th January 2014
Saturday morning I went to tennis class. Sisi didn't want to go because she was afraid of people hurting
her with tennis balls. That would be awful.

When we arrived home we had lunch and we lit up the fire.
At 6 O'clock I went to Irene's house and Sisi loved the massage chair!
We had dinner at there house and we had fish with rice. It was really yummy.

Later on that night we watched The Voice which is a TV program I love. 
Sisi thought the singers were perfect. But I told her they are not professional.

Sunday 12th January 2014
After breakfast I went to Sunday mass. They gave me some sheets to learn for the first holy communion. Straight after mass I went to Rodrigo's house with my friends.
We had lunch there. We played all day and sometimes I went with Gustavo and Miguel and Vega to the front wall and we said to each other lots of crazy things.
Sisi Liked the giant ball on a string. We tried to get up to the top. 
Sisi thought she was flying!

After that I was hanging on the slide and Vega needed to throw me down the slide.
We repeated this thousands of times.
Next was Miguel. He was even harder. We had to take his hands off or tickle him.
It was fun.

Later on Sisi was tired so she helped me write this post on the blog you are reding now.
Sisi had a fun weekend with me. I hope she visits again!


  1. Sisi has had a very physical weekend! Which is good because monkeys need lots of excercise!

  2. It looks like you had fn with sisi and sisi aswell

  3. A lovely climbing weekend for Sisi!