Monday, 6 January 2014

Popcorn before New Years Eve

On December 30th, we went to eat breakfast at a place that has the best pancakes in the world called IHOP. When I was 4, I always told my father: "I HOPE we eat at IHOP." Popcorn ate pancakes with blueberry and strawberry and was very happy to eat there with my friends.

That evening, I went to Auburn Hills Palace to see a basketball game. Detroit Pistons was playing against Washington Wizards. I asked Popcorn if he wanted to come to the game to a giant stadium, but he said that he preferred to stay home, because he did not want to get lost there. He saw the game on TV and asked us to wave at him, if the camera showed us. Therefore my sister was waving to the camera all the time. 


  1. I can see how a little monkey could easily get lost in that big stadium!

  2. Looks like your little sister is a BIG fan of Detroit Pistons!

  3. Your little sister sure looks happy that Detroit Pistons won!