Sunday, 11 May 2014

Bibi & Me In Chweiss (Switzerland) Day 4

As always as everyday, I woke up quite soon. Bibi stayed sleeping… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Today, no visiting cities. We were going hiking.

From our house we did: Le Tour de la Corniche, a circle around part of the mountain.                                

Bibi said " AHH! I heard a monster voice!" "Dont worry Bibi, it's just the wind and the trees!"

She saw a big cliff near the path. It was practicaly a giant rock in the middle of the mountain.
Bibi was scared of the heights! :-)


Suprisingly… Bibi stared at something, at something white… SNOW!
I put my hand in it… FREEZING, Bibi put her hand in it… COLD…                      

After our trip on the Corniche, we decided to eat in a restaurant in the highest place in Ovronnaz.
Bibi looked at the menu. She wanted to eat Rösti, a Swiss food. She tried it. She LOVED it! I liked it to. We went back home and stayed the rest of the day.

Good Night Bibi    zzzzzzzzzzzz

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