Sunday, 1 June 2014

Long Weekend with PERRY

Perry was extremely excited to come home with me because my week-ends might be a bit normal but I arrange fun things to do.
Day 1
The next day me and Perry did some yoga. Perry was so good at it though I soon caught him up.  Here is me doing a simple movement of Yoga:

We also played UNO game together.
Before we went to La Foir’Foille we had a nice little snack.
That afternoon we went to La Foir’Foille to buy some packets of the little rubber bands to make fancy colourful bracelets.
When we came back home, I taught Perry how to make those bracelets.
Day 2
Next day, we read so much even though it was only Friday! (2 days till Reading Rocks begins) Though at evening we played physical stuff on the Xbox. We played a sports game and a dance game so we were super tired ( and sweaty )
Day 3
We did lots of golf and I insisted Perry in a picture so people knew he knows how to play golf but he was shy.
We had our supper, it was fish with pesto sauce,  vegetable paella and homemade bread. For me it was normal because I have it maybe once 2 weeks but for Perry it was special because he always had banana meals.

 Day 4
We did a little sports morning though I didn’t participate because it was only for Perry and Teddy ( my teddy bear ), here are some photos of them:

When it was evening we went to this sort of pitch to play with my boomerang.

It was soon time to sleep and  then go back to school. Goodbye Perry!


  1. You do keep busy Sanika. After reading your blog entry I feel like I have participated too! Looking forward to seeing all those bracelets you and Perry made.

  2. Those Crazy Loom bracelets are so popular! And they're getting better and better!

  3. Fantastic that Perry was introduced to yoga Sanika, our Year 4 monkeys are so lucky to have so many amazing experiences with you all :) and great that you do yoga, It's my favorite exercise :)